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Face of Colon & Rectal Surgery

Improve intestinal function with a combination of medical and med-spa care.
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Anna M. Toker, M.D.
Vanessa Gavalya

At first glance, colorectal surgery and med-spas don’t seem to go together, but they are complementary when under the expert care of Dr. Anna Toker, a colon and rectal surgeon specializing in robotic surgery and medical director of SKANDii MedSpa.

“At the medical spa, we focus on nonsurgical approaches to weight loss and nutrition,” Dr. Toker explains. “As a colorectal surgeon, I spend a lot of time discussing diet as medical management for hemorrhoids, constipation, IBS, incontinence, and diverticulitis. Proper nutrition can improve the outcomes of my surgical patients and contribute to narcotic-free surgeries, which leads to shorter recovery times.”

Med-spa services include weight loss treatments, training at the MedGym, body sculpting treatments, and nonsurgical esthetics, such as injectables. “The lynch pin between the two practices is the Emsella device, designed to improve incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction,” Dr. Toker says. “A 30-minute Emsella session has the same results as 17,000 Kegel exercises, eliminating the discomfort or embarrassment of traditional pelvic floor therapy and potentially eliminating the need for pelvic floor reconstruction.” Dr. Toker also provides gut-flora reprogramming to normalize intestinal function as well as a dietary detox to decrease inflammation in the body for surgery patients. She is one of the first physicians in Dallas to offer medical THC for compassionate use under new Texas law that can alleviate symptoms of some diseases. Dr. Toker also offers Interstim, a sacral nerve stimulating device, to her patients. This procedure can replace sphincteroplasty reconstructions when diet and physical therapy have failed.

“Whether a patient needs surgery or not, a large portion of my discussions with patients revolve around normalizing intestinal function,” Dr. Toker says. “If surgery is needed, my patients can expect a 48-hour hospital stay with very few complications.”

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