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How to Spend a Day in Frisco

Is it too on the nose to begin at The Star?
Bret Redman

No one has ever accused Frisco of subtlety. But if The Star isn’t quite how the boomtown envisions itself, it’s at least a tidy encapsulation of how everyone else regards it. Sleek and modern and dazzling, Jerry Jones’ signature $1.5 billion development feels like the future. It’s an undeniable statement about the role sports franchises (among other heavy-hitting businesses) have begun to play in urban development. Here’s the thing, though: stare too far forward, and you inevitably lose sight of what’s around you. Frisco is, and always has been, about more than its furious surge of growth and the associated trappings. It has quirks and culture and, yes, even history—not to mention some damn good food and drinks. You just need to know where to look.