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How to Spend a Day in McKinney

When did shopping the historic town square start to feel so decadently Parisian?
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Bret Redman
For years I have been haunted by a pair of pants: the impossibly chic and forgiving wide-cuffed, ruched-waist denim pants designed by SOHO McKinney owner Robin Cook and sold at her subterranean atelier on McKinney’s historic town square. I’ve never been able to justify the expense, but after 18 months of Amazon stretch fabrics, I’m ready to treat myself. “I don’t make anything tight,” Cook tells me as I take armloads of options into the dressing room. “I think we’re over tight. It’s all about comfort now.”

When I emerge in an impeccably tailored blue chambray shirtdress, she gets to work artfully arranging the cuffs and tugging the neckline back over my shoulders, mimicking her own effortlessly French style. I’m sold. Shopping in McKinney suddenly feels like a Parisian indulgence. I tell Cook I might be back for one of the crocheted raffia or vintage felt hats from Lola in Brooklyn or the floor-length French linen bathrobe. First, though, I’ll circle the square. Perhaps I’ll stop for a Savor macaron and a glass of 4R Ranch roussanne, and imagine what Audrey Hepburn would wear.

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