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D Magazine November 2021

Cover Story

The Fair Park Lie

Fifty years ago, Dallas officials forced 300 families out of their homes, promising improvements the whole city would enjoy. The real plan: replace Black people with concrete.


Dallas History

Why We Need to Remember What Happened at Fair Park

Fifty years ago, hundreds of Black families lost their homes for pennies on the dollar in South Dallas. It was not an isolated event.
Holiday at the Arboretum
Arts & Entertainment

The 16 Things You Must Do in Dallas This November

The holiday season is here, and so are the Rolling Stones, Hamilton, Hasan Minhaj, and plenty more.
Hanh Collection

How Vietnam Influenced Hanh Merriman’s Newest Line of Fashion

And how the Dallas-based designer gives back to a country that has given much to her.
By Erin Feherty
Arts & Entertainment

The Three Holiday Pop-Ups Making the Season Bright

Don’t miss these holiday outings at Fair Park, the Nasher, and more.
By D Magazine
Local Yocal

How to Spend a Day in McKinney

When did shopping the historic town square start to feel so decadently Parisian?
Jane Benedum

The Shrubbery Squabble in the Bubble

A Highland Park heiress prepares to fight the town over a new ordinance that may or may not have targeted her yard.
By Tim Rogers
Apothecary Lower Greenville
Bar Review

Lower Greenville Speakeasy Apothecary Is a Den of All-Out Creativity

Don’t let the plush interior fool you. This dark and moody bar’s cocktails and snacks are meant to be playful, tasty, and delightfully weird.
Shoyo sushi
Food & Drink

In Lower Greenville, Shoyo Deals in Masterful Omakase-Only Sushi

Jimmy Park’s elite 12-seat restaurant delivers jewels from its shadowy hideaway on Greenville Avenue.

That Time I Joined a Rugby Team

I’m not a big guy. Maybe I should have been more careful. But where’s the fun in that?
By Cameron Maynard

These Are Dallas-Fort Worth’s Top Wealth Managers for 2021

We asked the experts to help us find the best managers to help you manage your portfolio.
By D Magazine
Plano chicken ordinance

An Insider’s Look at Plano’s New Backyard Chicken Ordinance

Plano’s new rule opened the door to plenty of fresh poultry, like these two.
By Tim Rogers
Dallas History

In the Name of Progress: What Dallas Has Taken from the Black Community

Fair Park is not an outlier. Local, state, and federal agencies have taken property from Black Dallasites for everything from highway expansions to airports.
Juanita Craft
Dallas History

A Brief History of Racism at Fair Park

From the demolition of the Hall of Negro Life to the State Fair’s segregation and welcoming of the Ku Klux Klan, racism is part of the history of Fair Park.

Dallas-Fort Worth’s Best Financial Planners for 2021

We asked every Certified Financial Planner in North Texas to help us pick out the best in their industry.
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