Standing left to right: Lydia Ramanovich, Au.D.; Leslie Lianos, M.S.; Evan Mattice, Au.D.; Yoav Hahn, M.D.; B. Robert Peters, M.D.; Brian Rodgers, M.D.; Audrey Lewis, Au.D.; Jessalyn Jones, Au.D. Sitting left to right: Mary Katherine Marshallsea, Au.D.; Andrea Gerlach, Au.D.; Krysten Whaling, P.A.’ Kristin King, Au.D.; Reagan Daniel, Au.D. Bret Redman

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Faces of Hearing Loss

Get the right diagnosis and hearing protection from most advanced technology, and never miss another sound.

Clear hearing is a gift—the sound of a child’s  laughter, music, and hearing the emotions expressed by a loved one. Simply put, hearing is living.   

The professionals at the integrated practice of The Hearing Center and Dallas Ear Institute understand how hearing connects us to each other and the world. At the Dallas Ear Institute, physicians and audiologists work together to assess each patient’s individual needs and lifestyle demands to provide the best solution for hearing loss. The mission of The Hearing Center is to provide the highest quality, state-of-the art hearing treatments. The team’s goal is to understand how hearing loss, tinnitus, and related symptoms affect patients’ everyday lives. In some instances, medical or surgical treatment may be indicated, but most hearing loss can be treated with hearing devices. The Hearing Center’s integrated office, combining board-certified ear physicians and certified doctors of audiology, provides comprehensive diagnostic testing and the ability to treat hearing loss and protect hearing with the most sophisticated hearing technologies available, including the latest daily wear hearing devices, implantable devices, custom hearing protection, and more. The team will work with each patient to select the device and service plan that best fits each patient’s needs.

The Hearing Center at Dallas Ear Institute
Locations in Dallas and Frisco/McKinney



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