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Sustainably renovate your home, from teardown and construction to the paint and hardware selection.

This year will be a significant one for Botond Laszlo as he evolves Marvelous Home Makeovers, the design/build firm he established in 2004, into MHM Living. Laszlo and his team are known for remodeling projects of all sizes that exude a timeless elegance and crisp, clean lines. “It was time,” says Laszlo. “I realized a while ago that we were renovating more than just homes; it was more about creating a space that enhanced our clients’ lifestyles.” After executing several projects in Colorado, he expanded into this market which has been a natural way to grow the firm. “It aligns with our clients’ footprints, as many of them have secondary homes in Colorado,” he says. “Plus, I love the outdoors, so it was a natural fit for us.” Laszlo’s education—both formal and real-life—is the foundation of his success. “I grew up in the rural mountains of Transylvania and learned by helping my dad build things around the house. It’s the reason I studied architecture,” he says. Laszlo enjoys meeting with new clients and the opportunity to transform their vision into reality in a way that makes a difference in their lives.

Laszlo’s approach is unique in that everything he takes on is personal. He is particular about vendors and subcontractors, and he takes great care in the design and planning of each project. “We don’t begin construction until we have agreed on everything, down to the knobs and paint colors,” he says. After 17 successful years, the craftsmanship in Laszlo’s work is a given. “Success should also be measured by how clients feel about the process and the level of communication,” he says. “I enjoy building relationships far beyond what we physically build,” he says.

Inspiration for projects is gleaned from Laszlo’s global travels. “The more places you visit, the more your perspective widens,” he says. “I am able to appreciate things differently from architectural and environmental standpoints. I’m always considering what we can do to build more efficiently and sustainably. I get to do what I love—marry the environment and technology to build something that is truly unique. Everything we do is about the client and enhancing their lifestyle—learning how I can push the envelope of what’s possible with creativity, design, and engineering.”

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