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Face of Happy Hour

Wherever you go—the beach, camping, a pool, tailgating, picnics, or enjoying at home—conveniently take happy hour with you.

Most every company experienced a reinvention in some way in 2020 as the world shifted how it operates— happy hour not excluded. The woman-owned alcohol brand BuzzBallz was ahead of the curve, originally reinventing happy hour when its first single-serve cocktail was served a decade ago. With $70 million in sales in 2020 alone, it’s evident that  BuzzBallz is living up to its mission to create fun, innovative  cocktails for the world. Owner and founder Merrilee Kick came  up with the design for a BuzzBallz cocktail when she was a high school teacher grading papers by the pool with a cocktail glass by her side. She dreamed up a colorful, plastic alternative to hold a cold cocktail. Today, BuzzBallz ready-made, single-serve cocktails are sold nationwide and internationally. The company’s distillery, located  in Carrollton, cranked out over 35 million cocktails in 2020. The distillery recently completed its expansion that includes a beautiful hospitality and tasting  room—the perfect spot for happy hours, cocktail tastings, and private parties.

With natural juices or creams and premium ingredients, BuzzBallz cocktails are the life of the party and boast a 15% ABV. Wherever you go—the beach, camping, a pool, tailgating, picnics, or enjoying at home—happy hour goes with you. Mixologists regularly concoct new cocktail varieties. Choc  Tease and Tequila Rita are the two current top sellers. Kick and her two sons, partners in the  company, wanted the names and flavors of the drinks to be as  fun as the brand and the experience. It’s a recipe for success during the pandemic; in a recent survey, BuzzBallz consumers say they have enjoyed a BuzzBallz happy hour  during  Zoom events and, according to Nielsen, BuzzBallz is the  No. 1 single-serve, pre-mixed cocktail brand in the U.S. The party  doesn’t end there. BuzzBallz has also created its own small batch of premium spirits under its Southern Champion product line, including Crooked Fox Bourbon Whiskey, a vodka, gin, and  rum. “If it has alcohol, we can make it,” Kick says. “Our goal is to  take the work out of enjoying a cocktail at home or with friends,  so everyone can enjoy happy hour with us.”


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