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49 Tips for Finding the Perfect Repair in Dallas

Whether you're looking for help after the February storm or if your grandfather clock stopped working, we can help you fix everything.

Your dishwasher wasn’t built to run three times a day. Your couch wasn’t designed to be an office. And your dining room wasn’t decorated like a playground. You never noticed the crooked patio steps or your leaning chimney because you never spent any time in the yard. It may feel like things are falling apart around you, but there is a silver lining to these trying times. Remember when you used to have to schedule a four-hour window to wait at home for the repair guy? Now you’re always there! So make your honey-do list and get cracking. You may have 49 problems, but finding an expert who can restore your water-stained Second Empire Napoleon III-style side tables ain’t one.

A Leaning Limestone Turret

Architectural Stone Company, 1900 Preston Rd., Ste. 267-100, Plano | 214-207-3956

A turret needs someone with a bit of history to look after it. Mark Johnson, who presides over Architectural Stone Company, is a fourth-generation mason, so he certainly qualifies. He can also handle the custom design and installation of flooring, façades, flagstones, and fountains.

A Hail-acious Roof

Precision Construction & Roofing, 7625 Davis Blvd., North Richland Hills | 817-519-8985

If your slate or clay tile has been hit from above, go to this specialty firm. They have shops all over the country, but the company is still a family-run operation overseen by three generations of Hunters from right here.

Scratched Stainless Steel

Stainless Refinishing, 302 Denton Dr., Roanoke | 214-869-8223

John Green and his crew can make that silver surface look like new. So if your Sub-Zero has taken a tough swipe, don’t cry, “Wolf!”

Brent Hull of Hunt Millwork
Brent Hull

Weather-Worn Wooden Windows

Hull Millwork, 201 Lipscomb St., Fort Worth | 817-332-1495

You could do a lot worse than hiring the guy who restored windows at the Texas Capitol. Let’s rephrase: you cannot do better than Brent Hull, who has built a national following while rebuilding and restoring wooden windows for almost 30 years.

A Really Big Mess

First Onsite, 14403 W. Beltwood Pkwy., Farmers Branch | 972-417-1111

When nine tornadoes ripped through the heart of North Dallas in late 2019, First Onsite (formerly Interstate Restoration) crews deployed to more than a dozen businesses and schools to assess and begin remediating the damage. That’s the kind of cleanup work the Fort Worth-based company, which expanded into Dallas in 2016, specializes in: big messes like crime scenes, industrial accidents, floods, and environmental disasters. They send crews into vulnerable areas before hurricanes and help businesses navigate complex loss recovery processes. If it’s the kind of disaster you can’t plan for, they’ve got a plan.

A Cluttered Closet

Sorted Out, 2300 McDermott Rd., Ste. 234, Plano | 214-383-9985

When Tonia Tomlin founded Sorted Out, in 2004, she was one of five professional organizers in the city. Seventeen years later, she has a crew of 11 and is hiring even more. Through virtual consultations or hygienic hands-on visits, they’ll help declutter your home or office and simplify your life. Moving or remodeling? They can help with that, too. And if you think you’re one of the chronically disorganized, beyond salvation, think again. Tomlin and her team have developed a specialized process to bring order to those with ADHD and ADD, using color coding and labeling systems to help focus the effort.

Avoid These Closet Pitfalls:

  1. Don’t shop for supplies before you assess the problem. “Many people start by going to Target or The Container Store or Bed Bath & Beyond. They buy a bunch of stuff and don’t end up using it, because they didn’t know what they needed before they started purging.”

  2. Don’t empty everything onto the bed. “People are inspired to take everything out of the closet, and they say, ‘I’m going to get organized.’ But they don’t have rolling racks or a process or a system. They end up going to bed with a big mess.”

  3. Don’t box yourself in. “People tend to over-organize the closet, and then they are not able to maintain it. They need to keep the plan simple and flexible.”

  4. Don’t keep what you don’t wear. “When you are in doubt, it is time to take a picture and get rid of it.”

A Cattywampus Pool

Riverbend Sandler Pools, 4016 W. Plano Pkwy., Plano | 972-596-7393

It’s leaking. It’s algae-infested. It’s unsightly. Whatever the problem with your cement pond, they can fix it (or even install a new one, if that’s your most wonderful getaway pandemic wish).

Rotted Siding

Davis-Hawn Lumber and Architectural Millworks, 1941 S. Beckley Ave. | 214-946-8123

If your historic Craftsman needs some TLC, you’ll find what you need, from shiplap to lap-and-gap, #105 drop to the elusive #117 double-teardrop siding.

A Fallen Chandelier

FPM Chandelier Restoration, 1523 Dragon St. | 972-523-3000

Your vintage Italian crystal chandelier seems to be missing a few pendants, and the bronze doré finish is scuffed. Send it here, and it’s La Dolce Vita again.

An Uneven Sidewalk

Strive Concrete Solutions, 5075 Elm Bottom Cir., Aubrey | 214-288-2594

Before you get out the jackhammer, it’s worth checking to see if you simply need a patented polyurethane foam injection to lift and level all things whomperjawed.

Dull Knives

Veiga Knife Sales & Sharpening, 2929 Gaston Ave. | 214-821-3240

Located in an easy-to-miss single-story building tucked behind Baylor University Medical Center, Veiga Knife Sales & Sharpening has been caring for the tools of the city’s top chefs and butchers since it opened, in the 1950s. Theresa Veiga runs the shop, where you can find yourself in a 20-minute conversation about the fine distinction between Japanese and German steelwork and craftsmanship. Your best blades will be brought back to life the old-fashioned way: by hand on whetstone.

Louis Gloria of Louis Gloria Painting
Louis Gloria

A Stale Fresco

Louis Gloria Painting, 4819 Cash Rd. | 214-357-8400

For European-style gilding, glazing, painting, faux finishing, marbleizing, and Venetian plasters, turn to Louis Gloria. The first-generation American learned at the knee of his Italian father, who painted frescoes in Italy.

A Leaky Chimney

American Chimney Services | 972-303-1341

Russell Weiss started his company in 1979. He and his team can address all manner of chimney problems, including leaks that roofers can’t find. It’s a five-step, two-trip process. The joke around his office: roofers 0, Russell 300.

A Messy Garage

Green Army, 3151 Halifax St., Ste. 180 | 888-537-4555

Say goodbye to the crap you don’t really need. Have the rest organized and all stored in plastic bins. These folks offer some sanity.

Cracked Plaster

Casci Plaster, 2615 S. Good-Latimer Expwy. | 214-421-3390

Giovanni Primo emigrated from Italy and started this business in 1930. Now Mark Marynick and Porter Fuqua (son of noted architect Wilson) carry the mantle of one of the few plaster companies in the country. Call them for capitals, coffered ceilings, and crown moldings.

Chipped Paint

Barry A. Martin Paint Contractors, 2607 Bomar Ave. | 214-350-0723

For high-end work—whether pickling, glazing, fuming, antiquing, or gilding—you need a real pro. If your high-gloss ceilings need a bit more gloss, look no further.

Fallen Trees

JD’s Tree Service, 1018 Kessler Pkwy. | 214-946-7138

Dallas weather means at least one trunk-rattling windstorm a year. So why not call a tree service that will mill that newfound wood for you and turn it into a George Nakashima-inspired dining table or countertop or mantel? Maybe a bed or a cutting board or a fence. “The soul of the tree lives on,” as JD’s website says. (Unless you just want a stack of firewood. They can do that, too.)

An Unclean Washing Machine

Appliance Repair Specialist | 214-321-4228

Tony Casazza is a congenial New York transplant who will oftentimes show up the same day you call him and, while wearing his Bluetooth earpiece, will tell you a story about his mom while he gets your washer—or dryer or stove or refrigerator—back in working action.

Torn Upholstery

Cuellar Upholstery, 4763 Memphis St. | 214-948-3230

In lieu of a business card, David Cuellar has the vibrant orange and rustic tan banquettes that curve inside and out at Mi Cocina’s Monkey Bar. So now those frosty margs count as research.

[img-credit align=”alignnone” id=” 842584″ width=”1800″]cracked porcelian vase Fegan Fine Art Restoration[/img-credit]

A Shattered Vase

Fegan Fine Art Restoration, 1533 Prudential Dr. | 214-631-2920

You forgot to put the Marshmallow Shooter out of reach, and now your precious porcelain vase lies in sticky ruin. Trust Fegan Fine Art’s team of restorers (in business since 1975) to put the pieces back together again.

A Cracked Mirror

Oak Cliff Mirror & Glass Co., 2202 N. Beckley Ave. | 214-747-4875

You’ve probably noticed their sign (which has been granted landmark status) while driving west along I-30. From framed mirrors to mirrored walls, glass tabletops to shower doors, Oak Cliff Mirror & Glass Co. can replace what’s shattered.

[img-credit align=”alignnone” id=” 842590″ width=”1200″]Oriental Rug Cleaning Co.[/img-credit]

A Persian Rug

Oriental Rug Cleaning Co., 3907 Ross Ave. | 214-821-9135

H.M. Amirkhan Sr., an Armenian born in Turkey, immigrated to the United States and opened his Dallas rug cleaning and repair shop in 1911. Since then, three generations of Amirkhans have cared for Dallas’ finest oriental and specialty rugs, delicate textiles, and tapestries.

Helen Houp of Helen A. Houp Fine Art Conservation
Helen Houp, owner of Helen A. Houp Fine Art Conservation

A Damaged Painting

Helen A. Houp Fine Art Conservation, 2626 Lombardy Ln., Ste. 106 | 214-366-4700

Helen Houp began her career in the conservation department of the Kimbell Art Museum, working with one of Texas’ finest collections of old masters paintings. In 2001, she set up her North Dallas studio and began working directly with collectors, corporate collections, universities, museums like the Dallas Museum of Art, and historical bodies like the Texas State Preservation Board. Clients bring their art to Houp because she has experience with a wide range of artistic movements and eras—from “Rembrandt to Rauschenberg,” as she says—and brings to each project an artist’s eye and sensitivity.

A Severed Sculpture

Van Enter Studio, 1415 Fairview Ave. | 214-515-9948

Michael van Enter is the go-to guy for art restoration for Dallas museums, collectors, and historic preservationists. The South African moved to Dallas in 1999 and saved the deco mosaics housed in The Joule hotel, artist Octavio Medellin’s glass windows now on display in Moody Performance Hall, and José de Rivera’s steel sculpture A Wishing Star, at the Statler. He has also worked on the MoMA and Rachofsky collections. “Name any 20th-century artist of note, and I’ve fixed, cleaned, repaired, painted, welded, or bolted it back together,” he told D Magazine in 2016.

[img-credit align=”alignnone” id=” 842589″ width=”1800″]Noles David Antique Restoration tarnished silver goblets[/img-credit]

Tarnished Silver

Noles-Davis Antique Restoration, 2707 Manor Way | 214-358-1731

You’ve stared at your grandmother’s silver-plated tea service for a year now, but it has seen more tarnish than use. This four-generation business will replate the teapot and shine up that sugar shell spoon.

Twisted Wicker Chairs

Dallas Cane Rush & Wicker, 135 Pittsburg St., Studio A-4 | 214-518-7079

Bill Torell has been mending and replacing all manner of woven seating (wicker, yes, but also cane, rush, wood splint, Danish cord, and Shaker tape) for almost four decades. And he provides free estimates.

Blemished Wood Furniture

Antique Restoration Masters, 10203 Plano Rd., Ste. 114 | 469-432-341

Martin Norkowski will happily take time out from working on private collections to restore your water-stained Second Empire Napoleon III-style side tables to their former glory. But next time, use a coaster.

[img-credit align=”alignright” id=” 842587″ width=”330″]Homestead Clocks Dallas[/img-credit]

A Crotchety Grandfather Clock

Homestead Clocks, 9965 Royal Ln., Ste. 44 | 214-553-5677

Stephen Newsom carries on the tradition started by his father, Rex Newsom, in 1950. Services began with grandfather, mantel, and wall clocks and now include restoring heirlooms and preventive maintenance on new models.

A Shorted Vintage Appliance

Antique Appliance Restoration | 972-689-7907

Couldn’t resist that vintage Wedgewood range or Big Chill refrigerator you found at Round Top? Antique Appliance Restoration will re-chrome, re-wire, re-insulate, re-glaze, and fully restore it.

A Stained Sofa

Fiber-Seal, 9879 Chartwell Dr. | 972-889-8807

Now that you’ve sloshed red wine on both sides of the cushion, stop pretending you don’t have a problem. In addition to cleaning and protecting your sofa from future spills, Fiber-Seal can treat your rugs, wallcoverings, draperies, and leather furnishings, too.

Wasteful Habits

Turn Compost

Reducing your environmental impact doesn’t mean you have to live off the grid in a yurt, however enticing that may sound. Take it slow and start in the kitchen. At least 30 percent of what goes into the city of Dallas landfill is food scraps and yard waste, but Turn Compost makes it easy to divert that compostable material from the dump. For most area ZIP codes, all you have to do is fill up the provided 5-gallon bucket, leave it on your front porch, and they’ll pick up and deliver the goods to local farmers and gardens. Monthly subscriptions start at $35.

A Sleepless Baby

Rest to Your Nest | 972-638-9974

Mary Cantwell’s struggles with her own newborn led her to become a certified sleep expert. She now offers consultation services for parents who are at their wits’ end. Or not. Sleep experts are the new lactation specialists, and many expectant mothers have realized that it is worth getting some advance training while they are relatively well rested. A virtual consult allows Cantwell to ascertain the issues (and screen for potential medical complications, such as a child’s breathing issues or restless leg syndrome) and come up with a custom plan, which includes routine follow-ups. “Families are working from home,” Cantwell says, “so now more than ever they need their children to sleep.”

A Bad Dog

K9 League Dog Training, 1237 Robin Dr., Keller | 682-651-7722

K9 League can help curb crimes and misdemeanors like jumping, lunging, chewing, play-biting, and counter-surfing. With one-on-one sessions to tackle aggression, anxiety, and walk-behavior overhauls, they’ll train you to help Trevor make better decisions.

[img-credit align=”alignnone” id=” 842592″ width=”1800″]The Book Doctor old bible[/img-credit]

A Torn Family Bible

The Book Doctor, 1320 W. Davis St. | 214-946-1760

Entrust those precious tomes, first editions, and tattered family albums with marbled endpapers to these experts, angels of restoration for more than 20 years. They’ll also turn your dissertation into a custom-bound book.

Misaligned Chakras

Enlumnia Energy Spa, 10300 N. Central Expwy., Ste. 281 | 214-810-4816

At Enlumnia Energy Spa, husband-and-wife team Kevin and Lisa Foresman—she’s hands-on; he does more hands-off work—will realign your energy and get you back on the right frequency. They offer vibrational sound therapy, reiki, massage, extensive chakra balancing, and hypnotism (go for past life regressions and spirit contact).

A Contentious Relationship

Millennial Life Counseling | 214-504-1512

The battle of who is loading the dishwasher correctly may very well plague every marriage until the end of time. For other quarrels, like how to argue (nicely!), build intimacy, or untangle an accumulation of niggling hang-ups, look to licensed marriage and family therapist Liz Higgins. She founded her Dallas practice to foster partnerships within the context of the modern age with its modern woes, like the increasingly elusive work-life-love balance.

[img-credit align=”alignright” id=” 842594″ width=”330″][/img-credit]

Faded Photos

Lone Star Darkroom, 2731 Irving Blvd. | 972-591-1758

Memories, like photographs, fade, but Kristin Wright endeavors to restore both, artfully repairing and color correcting old photos in her Design District studio. She recently enlivened an image for a 50th wedding anniversary. When the couple saw it, Wright says, “they were legitimately crying and said, ‘We haven’t seen this picture in 40 years. We didn’t remember we looked like that.’ ”

Stacks of VHS

Action Video Service, 819 W. Arapaho Rd., Ste. 23, Richardson | 972-437-2021

They say “rescue your memories.” We say “unclutter that closet.” Bring those old tape formats to people who can tell you, in person, what is salvageable. They can give you digital versions that will put your mind and, yes, memories at ease.

A Smashed Phone, 9034 Garland Rd. | 972-587-7433

Brandon Noll runs a mighty little shop that will make your phone look new again, sometimes so quickly that you don’t have enough time to shop next door at Good Records.

A Discordant Piano

Bradfield Piano Restoration, 10755 Sanden Dr., Ste. 300 | 214-883-1885

Holt Deniger of Bradfield Piano has helped clients from the Winspear Opera House to Norah Jones, Bass Hall to the Van Cliburn Competition.

A Broken Violin

Fiddle and Bow Music Company, 7989 Belt Line Rd. | 972-458-2980

[img-credit align=”alignright” id=” 842585″ width=”330″]Fiddle and Bow Music Company[/img-credit]

Stepping into Fiddle and Bow Music Company feels like walking into a medieval store in Salzburg. Violins, cellos, and guitars are strewn everywhere, sometimes with their guts hanging out. At the center of this musical mess is Rob Case, a former Southwest Airlines pilot who now focuses full-time on the instrument repair shop he opened with his brother Lewis in 1998. Rob likens the shop to a stage set, with an endlessly rotating cast of characters filing through, like the cellist whose instrument was damaged on a plane en route to a performance at the Meyerson. Or the tiny old man who came in clutching a family heirloom that turned out to be a violin crafted by Nicolò Amati, Stradivari’s teacher. “They tell a story, and their instrument tells a story,” Rob says. “And they are not always the same story.”

A Gutless Guitar

Dallas Guitar Repair, 5635 SMU Blvd., Ste. 207 | 214-724-3789

Whether you want to replace your pickups or re-fret a worn-out Martin, you can’t go wrong with Dan McCarthy, the guy to whom Buddy Guy, Motorhead, Toadies, Al Di Meola, Jack Ingram, and St. Vincent have trusted their axes.

A Fuzzy Amp

Slemmons Music Services, 3003 Commerce St. | 214-747-1090

So you pulled your uncle’s 1963 Fender Deluxe Reverb out of the attic during quarantine, plugged it in, turned it up to 11, hit the on switch, and then—oops—you blew all the tubes. You can’t bring an antique like this to any Joe Blow tech at your neighborhood music store chain. You need an expert with the soldering iron who knows how to finesse the finicky, half-century-old electronics that make this kind of gear sing. Since 1989, Terence Slemmons has serviced gear for North Texas’ top musicians, including Ken Bethea of the Old 97’s and songwriter and producer Salim Nourallah.

Clothing Stains

Dee & Hattie Specialty Cleaners, 6147 Sherry Ln. | 214-361-0557

Luxury designers send their clients here for special treatment. They test on swatches, work carefully around beadwork, and once, after a garden wedding, picked gnats out of a tulle skirt with tweezers.

A Tortured Wedding Ring

Sergio’s Jewelry, 9440 Garland Rd., Ste. 170 | 214-320-2007

This Casa Linda treasure is no longer a mom-and-pop shop. Sergio passed away in 2019, but wife Jeannie and son Kahl carry on his legacy. Specializing in vintage and delicate jewelry repairs, they are equipped with CAD and 3D printing capabilities.

Busted Bluejeans

Dallas Denim Repair, 420 W. Davis St.

Designer Javier Tellez-Garfias employs turn-of-the-century machinery to mend and extend the life of your trusty pair of jeans. He can even stitch up denim “crotch blowout” (he says that’s a technical term).

[img-credit align=”alignnone” id=” 842601″ width=”1800″]Exclusive Sneaks Shop[/img-credit]

Sketchy Sneakers

Exclusive Sneaks Shop, 417 N. Bryan-Beltline Rd., Ste. D, Mesquite | 214-914-6704

Vintage is the hot sneakerhead trend right now, with some old Jordans and Dunks going for several thousand dollars. Or this place can bring your treasured beaters back to life, with a few packages to choose from, all under $40.

Broken Glasses

All Pro Eyeglass Repair, 2033 N. Town East Blvd., Mesquite | 972-682-9500

This little hut in a strip-mall parking lot is heaven sent if you have a kid who regularly snaps his specs. They can reassemble almost all frames—even the ones other places say are beyond repair—usually same day, for around $50. (There is also a location in Richardson.)

Unheeled Louboutins

Deno’s of Highland Park, 62 Highland Park Village | 214-521-1070

Did your adorable new rescue dog rend your red soles? Harry Yianitsas, the son-in-law of founder Deno Velis, now runs the family biz, which can salvage your favorite pair (and your Birkin bag, too).