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Table for Two: Dallas’ Best Fine Dining To-Go for Under $100

In the midst of our takeout days, we still need a little romance. And it’s nice to know we can mark the specialness of an occasion without breaking the bank.

Here are a couple of options for under $100. All that’s left to do is pour the wine and cue the playlist.

MacellaioMacellaio Dinner Duo

The pickup: Thursday to Sunday at 287 N. Bishop Ave. 972-685-9150

The price: $60, plus extras for $5–$30

The vibe: Spanish smoke and spice, with a hint of Moroccan mystery

The HBO Max and chill pick: Casablanca

The wine: Co-owner Jennifer Uygur is happy to be your guide, but her carefully selected list of $35–$55 bottles makes it easy to choose a versatile Chianti classico, Sicilian Etna Rosso, or lambrusco. The sparkling underdog, which bursts with black cherry and blackberry, is one of her favorites.

The deets: Center-stage mains, like the Moroccan lamb merguez spiced with Aleppo pepper, can be thrown on a grill or into a hot pan to reheat. They are accompanied by sides that may require no cooking, such as creamy, cumin-laced raita or Texas shell bean hummus, smoky with paprika. Add a constellation of David Uygur’s masterful charcuterie—maybe smoky sobrasada or the short rope of fuet, a Catalan sausage cured with white wine. A billow of chocolate mousse is a rich, sinful indulgence graced with cacao nibs.

Uchi Omakase on the Go

The pickup: Daily at 2817 Maple Ave. 214-855-5454

The price: $98; $78 for vegetarian

The vibe: Raw yet refined, with the thrill of warm-cool contrasts and textures

The Netflix and chill pick: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

The wine: A bottle is included, such as a Pali Wine Co. Riviera pinot noir.

The deets: The chef-selected omakase will walk you through an arc, from the lovely miso soup with perfectly vinegared, still-warm sushi rice to cool tastings, like buttery hama chile with its orange supremes or madai crudo with a fluttering of Asian pear. That’s perhaps followed by a beet salad with crunchy house furikake; bok choy with a cashew cream, toasted cashews, and dazzling lime; or salmon so miso-basted it’s almost candied. A DIY ice-milk sundae with salted fudge lets you finish the fantasy however you choose.

The next morning: There’s a summer-berry crumb cake you can pop in the oven for a breakfast treat.


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