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9 Juice Bars in Dallas That Can Help Supercharge Your Immunity

Good health, both mental and physical, has never felt so vital.
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Juice flight from Local Press + Brew.
Catherine Downes

Look around, and it seems the whole world is training for a marathon. Under bluer skies and breathing clearer air, we’re working through anxiety with lunges and blasting cabin fever with runs in the park. Immunity and mental health have never felt so vital. So, maca for stamina, cacao for mood boosting, or a zillion adaptogens and powders and elixirs full of antioxidants? Yes, please. It seems the cure for the blues is the electric blues—or the oranges or greens or pinks or purples. With their nutrient-dense, power-packed smoothies, juices, and tonics, these local juice and smoothie bars will be happy to help you with that.

The Gem

When The Gem opened in 2012, maca and coconut butter were virtual unknowns in Dallas. No one was making hemp and cashew milks daily or juicing with collards and bok choy. But when Leslie Needleman and Mary Kathryn Bass opened Dallas’ first free-standing juice bar, inspired by Needleman’s quest for immunity enhancement following a breast cancer diagnosis, every ingredient, they decided, would be a dazzling nutritional powerhouse. The duo kept pushing, delving into deeper purple-blue rainbow hues, making their superfood smoothies look like gemstones and as powerful and immune-boosting as possible. At the upbeat organic juice bar with a dazzling disco ball, the most popular smoothies are the antioxidant-packed purple-pink Sparkle Berry and the maca-rich Crown Jewel. Also on the menu: the vivid-green Cameo and the Blue Diamond, electric blue from nutrient-rich algae. The eye-popping shades? “It turns out nature provides all that,” Needleman says. Stores open; pickup and delivery.


In this temple to organic plant-based food, tonics are blended with coconut oil for a creamy, frothy shot. A whirl of activated almonds or frozen avocado turn out thick and rich shakes. (Named Blue, Green, or White, the smoothies sound recherché, like Beatles albums.) Shots include doses of adaptogens (rooty, woody); homages to beauty (with aloe); and immunity (with turmeric and cayenne). Others have a scattering of powders, like maca, pine pollen, or tocos for energy or joint health. The most popular milk is the sky-blue, coconut-meat Island Milk with tocos (a rice derivative) and blue majik algae. We love the Cali shake, with activated pumpkin seed milk, frozen avocado, coconut water or the shake with Stumptown cold brew, cocoa, maca, lucuma, tocos, and dates. Stores open; pickup and delivery.

Buda Juice

Launched in 2014 by two Europeans—one British, one Swiss—Buda Juice is our most Spartan sanctuary of meticulously organic, cold-pressed juice. The juggernaut that started with a fridge in a Plano coffee shop now has a warehouse space in the Design District, a frigid kingdom at 35 degrees. From the minimalist menu, beginners might reach for Valencia orange, the gateway. The hardcore will brave the detox cleanse—a prescribed sequence of green juice, cucumber lemonade, a lovely gazpacho and the reward of almond milk. One day, three days, five days and the world feels clarified. Stores open; pickup and delivery.


Our outpost of the Austin behemoth, is, of course a place for juice: organic wheat grass shots and smoothies with dragon fruit and maca, papaya and kelp. A grab-and-go case always has the cashew-milk golden chai that’s velvety, turmeric-spiked, and sweetened with dates. Smoothies are often fun, like the BamBam, with pineapple, banana, mango, almond, hemp protein, coconut oil, and spirulina—or the strawberry mylk shake that’s as easy-going as it sounds. Plus they have a cornucopia of add-ons, from B-12s to extra durian or flax oil. Stores open; pickup and delivery.

Pressed Juicery

This California-based company offers a whole panoply of green juices (with lemon and cayenne, with apple cider vinegar, or sweetened with monkfruit). Also, seek out almond milks in flavors like vanilla, chocolate, turmeric, or strawberry-dragon fruit. All the juices, like blood orange-kumquat, are cold-pressed. And smoothie blends come in packs. Stores open; pickup and delivery.

Pressed Juicery juice plus its new line of Frozens.

Roots Juice

They will juice anything at Roots Juices, where you’ll find a sweet pineapple-pear elixir or the ever-popular Bees Knees (with lavender and bee pollen), but also bitter dandelion or purple cabbage. Shots include ginger and and the most popular smoothie is the one with peanut butter, banana, and protein powder that’s like something a jogger Elvis would want to order. Stores open; pickup and delivery.

Tribal All Day Cafe

The folks at Tribal All-Day Café are offering six-packs of their cold-pressed juices that range from the Rain Dance, with kale and dandelion, to the spiced fall-feeling Harvest with apple, ginger, and apple cider vinegar, or the Fire Starter that’s almost like a citrus cocktail with cilantro, jalapeno and lime. Pickup and delivery.

The Juice Bar

Tom Hennings and his wife Lisa owned the exercise studio The Bar Method and decided to open this juice kingdom next door to provide replenishing juices and smoothies for post-workout and everyday energy. We love the array of numerous green juices and specialty smoothies in fun combinations, like juiced sweet potato, raw almond butter, and sunflower seeds or the bright Purple Haze with blueberries and Greek yogurt. Stores open; pickup and delivery.


Inside the Dallas Farmers Market’s warren of vendors, one colorful counter has the juicers whirring at full speed. Juicebabe, utilizing the freshest fruit and organic vegetables a market stall can offer, squeezes out an energizing elixir for whatever might ail you. Got a hangover? There’s an apple-ginger-lemon concoction for that. Need something to detox your recent stretch of luxe dining? There’s a juice for that, too. With apple in almost every option, majority of the juices on the menu avoid tasting like fresh-cut grass and soil. Open for pickup inside.

Editor’s note: This article was updated on January 4, 2020 at 10 a.m.

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