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Kookie Haven’s Ready-To-Bake Cake Batter Is a Game Changer

Sisters Shinita Briggs, Darla McCuen, and Kim Haynes will let you shine in your own kitchen.
By Dalila Thomas |
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Hoyoung Lee

Sisters Shinita Briggs, Darla McCuen, and Kim Haynes have been serving up their addictive cakes, cookies, and brownies since 2002. They first opened their doors in DeSoto but closed in 2004. After a lengthy break, they gave it a shot again in 2015, this time in Mesquite. And for the past two years, Kookie Haven has called a storefront on West Jefferson Boulevard in Oak Cliff home. Finally feeling settled, the sisters are trying a new venture inspired by something they’ve been doing all along.

“We can’t put together every mix, every day,” Briggs says. “When we have large orders, we start making our batter and freezing our batter because we have to be able to mass produce. Why wouldn’t we do that for our customers?”

Boxed cake mix this is not. Like the rest of Kookie Haven’s items, the cake batter is made from scratch. “The beauty of it is, when you take it out, you don’t need eggs. You don’t need butter. You don’t need any of that stuff,” McCuen says. “You just stir and pour.”

Flavors include strawberry, chocolate, red velvet, and wedding cake, as well as seasonal and vegan options. Sweet lovers can add a jar of frosting. And both can be kept in the freezer for up to three months.

“It takes out all the guesswork,” McCuen says. “A 10-year-old can do it. My granddaughter did it.”