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House of Preservation’s New Year Recovery Plan

Local Instagram stars and estheticians Brittany Ricketts and Rylie Bland share their tried-and-true beauty tips to help skin bounce back.
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Elizabeth Lavin

Brittany Ricketts and Rylie Bland are the best friends and beauty mavens behind House of Preservation, the Dallas-based blog with a luxe-yet-attainable aesthetic. The estheticians have garnered a cult following addicted to their daily skin care tips, as well as glimpses into their lives as they explore Tulum, document skin care treatments to stash in carry-ons, or pose in a closet with a covetable shoe collection. Now the pair plans to join followers in real life with a House of Preservation med spa, set to open in early 2019. Services range from custom acne treatments and LED light therapy to facials and injectables. Every client who walks in the door will be welcomed with bone broth, one of the complexion boosters the glowing blond duo swears by.

Supplements and Nutrition
“We’re firm believers that nutrition means beauty,” Brittany Ricketts says. “Taking the right supplements can clear your skin from the inside out.” Both emphasize that gut health is evident on your skin, which probiotic supplements can help regulate. Ricketts and Rylie Bland swear by bone broth as well. “We’re addicted, and we’ve noticed a major difference in our skin since starting,” Ricketts says. “It’s great for your immune system and your gut health, and it’s full of collagen.” And for those who suffer from acne or rosacea, Ricketts says Daily Cleanse by Hum Nutrition is a game changer. “It contains spirulina, chlorella, and zinc, which are all great for detoxifying and controlling inflammation. Zinc also helps balance and stabilize your hormones, which is one of the main reasons people have breakouts.”

To combat holiday-induced stress, the duo loves Barry’s Bootcamp’s HIIT workout class in the West Village. “It’s actually quite shocking the amount of tension we feel has been lifted after we finish a class,” Ricketts says. “It’s important to keep active, not only for physical reasons but also mental. Taking time to do things that center you is so important to us.”

“I don’t wear makeup on a flight,” Ricketts says. “I equate that to sleeping in a face of makeup. I go with clean skin and do a morning routine. Even if it’s a night flight, I always have on a really good moisturizer and SPF protection.” She also brings a stash of wet wipes to clean the plane’s seat, tray, seat belt, and armrests to prevent illness. Upon landing, the first thing she does to settle in is a full-blown skin care routine. “And that always includes the Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads and a hydrating sheet mask. The dry air of the cabin just sucks the moisture from your skin, and you need to make sure to replenish it.”

Repairing Dry Winter Skin
When the temperature drops outside, so do humidity levels. Turning on the heat dries out the inside air as well. Bland and Ricketts suggest a humidifier for your bedroom (make sure to clean it regularly) and moisturizers for your skin. “Add moisture back to the skin by using a hydrating product, like a hyaluronic acid serum, and then seal it in with an oil-based moisturizer on top,” Bland says. “As long as you’re layering that way, you’re really ensuring that hydration stays put.”

The duo’s favorite way to keep their glow is by using Dr. Dennis Gross’ peel pads two to three times a week after cleansing at night. The pads use chemical exfoliants such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids to dissolve the bonds of dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface layer, causing clogged pores and a dull complexion. “Anytime you’re using an abrasive material that physically removes cells from skin, including brush exfoliators, it can be very damaging and spread bacteria,” Bland says. However, scalp exfoliants are a different story. “We would not suggest using a scrub on your face, but we’re OK with that on your scalp,” Ricketts says. “Kérastase makes a good one. Having that exfoliation and that buildup removal on my scalp makes such a difference, especially in winter.”