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Elizabeth Fischer Wants to Help You Achieve Your Goals

The ZerModus founder is a woman with a plan.
Courtesy of ZerModus

As the founder of office supply company ZerModus, Elizabeth Fischer understands the need for a space to outline New Year’s resolutions, which is why her 12-week planner combines traditional to-do lists with goal-setting tools. “I had always been really well-organized, and I wanted to have a daily planner,” Fischer says. “But I couldn’t find anything that was structured the way that life actually happened.”

Drawing upon her experience with sports psychology as a young equestrian athlete, she created the Everyday Visionary Planner with the powers of visualization and goal attainment in mind. “The more you can focus on visualizing what you want, the more you are going to bring yourself closer to that, and it’s naturally going to manifest,” she says. “So, I wanted to have a planner that was about visualizing what you wanted each day.”

Fischer’s undated planner prompts users to list a 12-week objective, then asks them to break it into weekly goals. “That is kind of you putting a stake in the ground and saying, ‘By the time I finish this planner, I want to have accomplished this,’ ” she says. Fischer provides a guide to goal setting in this area as well. In the spirit of using introspection to foster motivation, each planner opens with a space to create a personal mission statement that can be referenced while making decisions or evaluating personal progress. Users are also asked to assess their attitude and habits each month to promote reflection and accountability.

Each day, users identify tasks as well as their morning visualization, daily mantra, and daily focus. To plan ahead, they can also list weekly activities. The week ends with a dot matrix, where users can doodle, graph, or make notes.

“I obviously intended it for the way that I use it,” Fischer says. “But I tried to make it as flexible as possible, so that people could apply it however they wanted to.” ZerModus Everyday Visionary Planner, $30.