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The Bachelorette Workout

If you watch The Bachelorette, you already know that Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are beautiful people. You know because you saw Rachel go on dates dressed in bathing suits and Bryan showing off his biceps while salsa dancing. Even before the show, being fit has always been a priority for the pair, especially Bryan, aka Dr. Abs, a chiropractor who has built a brand based on his [clears throat theatrically] strengths. He recently launched a social media platform and website ( to share tips and expert info on how to achieve your wellness and fitness goals. (And, yes, he does post pics of his famous core.) His passion for helping clients discover the best version of themselves extends to his relationship with Rachel, too. “It’s been fun for us to do it together as a couple,” he says. We talked to Bryan about how the reality TV duo stays fit.

Where do you and Rachel work out?
“We love Equinox. We work out there whenever we’re in town. Whether it be a couple or personal trainer or partner, I’m a big proponent of partner workouts. Rachel and I like to hold each other accountable.”

What does your typical workout look like?
“I don’t put on weight easily, so I don’t do so much cardio. I try to incorporate cardio into my weight routine by taking less time in between sets. I get that cardio effect, and I’m working my muscles. I’d rather shed the fat that way rather than an hour of elliptical. Or, I’d rather play basketball or do an activity.”

What is Rachel’s routine?

“Some people are, let’s face it, genetically blessed. Her arms are really toned. She gets into shape easily, and the way she’s found her best results is through weight training. She also really likes yoga. It makes her slow down, relax, and focus on her breathing. Rachel will also jog outside or take fitness classes to change up her workout.”

Let’s talk about food. Do you diet?
“Eighty percent of abs occur in the kitchen and 20 percent occur in the gym. I went through all the trial and error in my 20s and 30s, and I’ve gotten to a place now where I know what works: keto and paleo. For those who really want to get lean and cut, the keto diet is what works best for me.”

Where do you and Rachel like to eat healthy in Dallas?
“We love places you can create your own salads. We love Snappy Salads. We love Eatzi’s. I’m always loading up on the salmon and shrimp and veggies. And, of course, HG Sply Co.”

Do you have any daily wellness habits?
“I drink a liter of water with half a squeezed lemon upon waking, take health supplements found on my website, and do a minimum of 15 minutes of stretching and foam rollouts daily.”



Troy Aikman

climbing at Rise Nation.

Mark Cuban

taking a salsa class at Life Time Fitness.

Jason Garrett

working on his core at Pilates Barre.

Cary Deuber

perfecting her handstand at We Yogis.

Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher

spinning at SoulCycle.


Oh, Burn

We’d like to think we’re crushing calories just by following these local #fitspo Instagram accounts.

Krystal Schlegel

Schlegel isn’t an instructor, but the fashion blogger’s IG has an entire section dedicated to running. Her training info includes handy week-by-week running guides, as well as tips for mending blisters, post-workout recipes, playlists, and
athleisure recs.

Bryer Lappin

Sometimes you follow an account just to indulge a guilty pleasure—like looking at washboard abs, a chiseled jaw line, and a cute puppy. You get it all here. The model and Barry’s Bootcamp instructor posts enough shirtless shots to keep us from reaching for the muffins.

Georgette Dunn

Yoga instructor Dunn showed her practice in all phases of her pregnancy, along with inspirational captions and positive insights that make us want to return to the mat. And since her baby boy was born, she records yoga sequences with him as the cutest prop we’ve ever seen.

Ella Leupold

Leupold knows that keeping up with a fitness routine requires a mental workout, too. The instructor shows off her Pilates and yoga skills on her account, but the self-
described “hype man” also speaks to the heart and mind with encouraging words and affirmations.

DeAndre Sinette

Sinette started his yoga practice as a way to heal from childhood abuse, and he uses his platform to speak openly in an effort to help others. He also shows off his gravity-defying moves and practical tips for how to increase flexibility and form in a pose.

Find the Perfect Facebook Fitness Group For You

As much as we’d like to do more crunches, we’re mostly just crunched for time. Which is why we decided to combine our fitness routine with our social circle. Here’s how to find the perfect pairing.

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