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8 New Ways to Work Out

Kiva Pilates

When you think of Pilates, the typical reformer format is probably what comes to mind. But for those looking to dig a little deeper, Kiva Pilates—with its extensive collection of high-end equipment (including Pilates bars, Cadillacs, and chairs)—offers the workout in all of its many muscle-toning forms.

The Movement Standard (pictured above)

Brian Johnson’s Old East Dallas studio is one of the few in the nation inspired by Ido Portal’s “movement culture,” a sort of slow-burn mash-up of martial arts, gymnastics, and yoga that includes perfecting the handstand. All levels (beginners start against a wall) are welcome on weekdays.

Rise Nation

by Joseph Brewster

The original Rise Nation in West Hollywood is a go-to for Jennifer Aniston and Mandy Moore. The 30-minute class offers a whole lot of cardio, all done on VersaClimbers, whose low-impact nature is ideal for anyone struggling with an injury.

Stretch Zone

Dallas may be a bit late to the restorative stretch-only studio trend (they’re all over Los Angeles), but with the opening of Stretch Zone last year, we finally have a spot to lie back, relax, and let someone else (carefully) bend us into shape.

Train 45 at Class Studios

photo by Madison Katlin

Circuit training is tough. Class Studios, with its charismatic personal trainers, well-appointed space, and a cheeky mural reminding you to “Get Your Ass to Class,” makes the grueling workout a bit more palatable.

Dance Club Cardio at Grit Fitness

Compared to New York, Dallas is woefully lacking in the Tracy Anderson-inspired dance cardio department. Thankfully, we do have Grit Fitness, home to a great Dance Club Cardio class with plenty of “booty work.”

Vital Fitness Studio

The Joule’s subterranean studio knows how to make working out fun. Keep an eye on its monthly schedule for weekend events like Bike + Brunch, Boxing and Bloody Marys, and Yoga at the Eye.


You’ve probably taken a SoulCycle class, or at least a SoulCycle-inspired class. Soul-Activate is not that class. The new workout is way more about weights and resistance than dancing on a stationary bike, but Soul’s signature good vibes stay intact.

Don’t Blow Your Recovery

Foam Up
You’ve seen people rolling around on those tubes that look like pool floaties, groaning with a strange mix of pleasure and pain. It seems simple enough. But how do they work, really? In group sessions at Stretch Therapy Dallas, you’ll learn how to use foam rollers and deep stretching techniques to keep you limber and help your muscles heal.

Try it at: Stretch Therapy Dallas

Float Away
Stay fully clothed for an Aqua Massage, as 28 contained water jets travel the length of your body, increasing circulation and reducing pain. Or strip down and float in a foot of gently heated saltwater inside an i-sopod tank. Suspension in a near-zero gravity state relaxes your body so your brain can take a temporary vacation. It’s like meditation without the meditating.

Try it at: The Float Spot

Cool Down
Cryotherapy is like an ice bath, only colder (-200 degrees) and without the ice water. During three-minute sessions standing inside a nitrogen-cooled tube, your body’s fight-or-flight response is triggered. The resulting blood rush to your core improves circulation, speeds up athletic recovery time, and can even burn body fat.

Try it at: Cryo1one

Breathe Deeply
Hyperbaric chambers were once seen as the province of divers and pop stars. But the use of pure, pressurized oxygen has become a mainstream medical tool to improve circulation, heal injuries, decrease inflammation, strengthen your immune system—even treat Lyme disease. The smoothing of wrinkles is just an added bonus.

Try it at: Hyperbaric Centers of Texas

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