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Deep Ellum’s New (and Deeply Millennial) Floral Concept Opens Today

The most memorable part of a Petal Pushers bouquet: the delivery method.

Since opening in 2016, Deep Ellum’s Jade & Clover has never once apologized for being the complete boutiquification of the “Good Vibes Only” mantra—what with its boho blouses, weekend rap yoga, disco-ball tumblers, rosé-hued pot pipes, and most notably, a succulent bar where one may arrange cacti and miniature poodle figurines in a bed of hot pink sand. I have heard some drop the B-bomb in reference to the shop (ya know, “basic”); I call it infectiously fun. And now, Jade & Clover owner Giselle Ruggeburg and the gal she enlisted to run the shop’s traveling terrarium bar, Ali Pickens, have teamed up to open a new, and deeply millennial, floral concept called Petal Pushers.

How is it different from any other flower shop? For one, Ruggeburg and Pickens are working directly with growers to source the shop’s seasonal foliage, which allows them to deliver more bang for the buck. It was something they knew needed to happen after ordering arrangements from several flower shops around town for research purposes. “I’ve never ordered my own flowers before,” says Ruggeburg, “and I was suddenly so grateful for all the flowers I’ve gotten in my life, and so disappointed by these flowers I spent $70 on. I was like, where’s the rest of it?”

Petal Pushers owners Giselle Ruggeburg and Ali Pickens.

The other difference is that they’ve streamlined the bouquet-buying process so that instead of picking from a variety of styles, you simply choose a size—perhaps The Mini ($30) for a dinner date invitation or The Big AF ($188) to get out of the doghouse (related note: they’re also offering 15 percent off on Mondays for what they call “I’m Sorry For the Weekend” arrangements). And while you don’t get to select your specific petals, Pickens says the aesthetic for all their arrangements is “wild and ethereal, less tight.”

But even more memorable than the arrangements may be the delivery method: the shop employs a fleet of pink Stella scooters, all driven by young men who just happen to be ridiculously good-looking. Now, you can’t tell me millennials don’t have some brilliant ideas.