“I love horror movies and basketball, and this is a way I get to show it. It makes people relax when they come into my office. I think people are nervous sometimes, but I’m just Adam Medrano. That big head, I got a bunch made for my inauguration. I thought it would be fun for all my guests to wave it around like they do LeBron’s or Dirk’s.” Danny Hurley


Adam Medrano Has Our Favorite Office at City Hall

The Councilman has a weird thing for bobbleheads.

Councilman Adam Medrano is the deputy mayor pro tem, which makes him the third-highest-ranking member of the City Council. His District 2 includes some of the most important parts of the city: Deep Ellum, the Medical District, Oak Lawn. His office includes a sweeping view of downtown through angled windows. And yet the first thing you notice is all the Dirks—crew cut Dirk, Olympic Dirk, “middle-parted hair, just drafted” Dirk—staring back at you.

That’s because Medrano is also the guy who shows up to Mavs games when the doors open so that he’s sure to get his bobblehead. And then he populates his Very Important City Office with more than 100 various bobbleheads and figurines. They’re on his desk. They’re on the windowsill. On the bookshelf behind his chair, he has close to 20 horror Funko Pop! toys—like Pennywise and Freddy Krueger and Jigsaw’s puppet from Saw—locking googly eyes with his guests as they discuss Very Important City Matters. Above them: non-bobbleheaded Dirk dolls, including Western Dirk and Eastern Dirk.

“I just love the Mavericks,” Medrano says, and then he smiles, and you remember that this is absolutely not why you came here. “So,” you say, “tell me again how that project got bond funding?”


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