courtesy, Billy Surface, Trish Dove

Local Government

The Super Early Voters Guide to the Dallas Mayoral Election

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The next few months in Dallas promise to bring some good electoral intrigue. The big one’s in May. Who will assume Mike Rawlings’ mayoral duties? The list of rumored candidates is longer than the Katy Trail. (That’s a local reference!) To help you choose your ideal candidate, I put together the following handy-dandy, very premature flowchart.

It’s so premature, in fact, that between the time I made it, in early August, and the time we published it, in the September issue, Dwaine Caraway copped to federal corruption charges and stepped down from the Council, thereby eliminating himself from the list of possible mayoral candidates and killing a branch of the flowchart. (Thirteen people have filed to run for his Council seat.) So with that caveat, here’s how to pick the perfect mayor for you:

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