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Breakfast Tacos

Kevin Marple
This might come as a surprise, but Dallas isn’t a breakfast taco town. It seems the farther north one gets from the breakfast taco cradle of the Rio Grande Valley, the lower the quality and abundance of said tacos. We don’t have the taco trucks and Mexican diners of San Antonio and South Texas. We don’t have Stripes gas station convenience stores housing Laredo Taco Company locations. What we do have is brunch. And, thankfully, a handful of breakfast tacos for which we’ll happily show up late for work.

Tia Dora’s Bakery

Machacado con Huevo

At Tia Dora’s Bakery in Oak Cliff, this South Texas/Northern Mexican dish receives a North Texas showcase. Dried salt beef is pulverized into fluffy protein clouds and reconstituted with eggs before getting a dusty flour tortilla embrace. Arrive early. The breakfast line here can test even the most stoic of food queue veterans.

R Taco

Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Now known as R Taco, the original Rusty Taco has served perfectly crisp, wavy strips of bacon with nary a burned corner in its bacon, egg, and cheese tacos since opening in 2010. Get the taco to go. The foil wrap will allow the flour tortilla to steam, the cheese to melt, and, by some alchemy, not soften the impeccably cooked bacon.


The Otto

This take on the classic combo of refried beans and bacon subs out plebian pintos for suave black beans. A creamy avocado wedge, a snappy strip of bacon, and melty Monterey Jack cheese add substance. But what makes this morning starter memorable is its foundation, a nearly translucent Sonoran-style flour tortilla from Dallas’ La Norteña tortilleria, which carries notes of buttery sweetness. Good morning, indeed.

La Nueva Fresh & Hot Tortilleria

Beans and Cheese

If ever there were a tortilla-wrapped equivalent to warm laundry, it’s the silky, comforting combination of refried beans and melted cheese in fresh corn tortillas at this Bachman Lake area tortilleria. Eat it on the trunk of your car like all customers were required to do before the owner made space for several tables in view of the tortilla machine.  

Taco Stop

Chorizo and Egg

There are two ways to prepare a chorizo and egg breakfast taco filling: integrated into one mixture where the spiced pork peppers the puffy scrambled eggs, creating a crimson-hued network that expands across the combined product. And then there is the wrong way, which is any other way you may try to prepare them. Taco Stop cooks up chorizo and eggs properly, tucking the filling into small tortillas, which, as a whole, gives your morning the always-appreciated taco push.



The expertly cooked potatoes make this taco a downtown standout.