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6 Cuffs to Up Your Arm Candy Game

In its many iterations, this classic still stacks up.
By Elaine Raffel |
Chris Plavidal
When it comes to cuffs, it’s almost impossible to overdo it. “They’re the consummate arm candy,” says Stanley Korshak jewelry buyer Melissa Geiser. “Versatile and with a huge personality, cuffs are a jewelry box staple that continues to be a fashion favorite.”

Need more proof? Look no further than the style icons who solidified their stature: Coco Chanel, whose signature Maltese Crosses ignited the craze in the 1930s. Jackie O, whose much-publicized golden cuffs were modeled after the moon’s surface in honor of the Apollo space program. Even Wonder Woman, who used her signature Bracelets of Submission as armor, recognized the power her gladiatorlike accessories possessed.

Supremely stackable, cuffs are best mixed and matched for optimal impact. “Don’t be afraid to combine metals, textures, sizes, and styles,” Geiser says. “The look this season is definitely of the go-big-or-go-home variety. More really is more.”

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