Shake on it: There isn’t a menu at Tiny Victories. Just classic cocktails and some wine and beer. Bret Redman

Bar Review

Tiny Victories Makes Everyone Feel Cool

Soak up the atmosphere at this new Oak Cliff bar.

We were standing in front of Tiny Victories, but we couldn’t find a sign.

“Is this it?” I asked my friend.

“This is it,” a random guy replied, holding the door.

That was as good a sign as any, so we grabbed a table under a haphazard collage of art, which included a coaster-size sign that said “Ladies is pimps too” and a photo of a woman petting a zebra.

Tiny Victories, which opened in February in Oak Cliff, has high ceilings, a huge back-lit shelving unit behind the bar, and gender-neutral bathrooms labeled “We don’t care.” The music switched seamlessly from pop to soul hits, and, at 1,000 square feet, the space was cozy. I thought it evoked a cross between a super-chill Portland bar and a 1950s soda shop, which resulted in a debate about what kind of bar Tiny Victories is.

“It’s where a hit man comes for a drink when the target isn’t home yet,” my friend decided, after much thought.

I rolled my eyes. “It’s the kind of place where you pick up a guy with a beard,” I said. “Or read a book without being bothered.”

He pointed. Nearby, someone was reading a book.

Our waitress showed up. She was wearing Converse sneakers and a shirt that revealed extensive tattoos across her abs. There’s no menu, she said, just classic cocktails and some wine and beer.

We asked her to surprise us. She returned with a Red Hook for my friend and a Victor Tango for me. As we sipped, an apprehensive-looking couple wandered in. Within a minute, though, the woman was dancing. After five minutes, the couple was locked in a passionate embrace. Beside them, two guys in skinny jeans discussed barbecue.

My friend and I called a truce on our debate and decided to soak up the atmosphere. We could agree on one thing: hanging out here made us feel cool, and we were in no rush to leave.