Elizabeth Lavin


Meet the Stylish Staffers of Headington Cos.

The clerks and servers at The Joule Hotel, Forty Five Ten, and Commissary bring their own distinctive sensibilities to the downtown properties.

A few months ago, I wrote about a mustachioed young shop clerk at TenOverSix who moonlights as a florist under the name of Peaches. And in that write-up I mentioned my fascination with all the young staffers at Headington Companies properties. Their porn staches. Their pointed fingernails. Their baby bangs and blunt bobs. “I like to walk through the Joule every couple weeks and let the manic pixie dream dust rub off on my Unraveling Mom visage,” I wrote.

So when it came time dream up pages for our next print issue, we decided to get to know more of these downtown oddballs. We figured, why not invite a handful of Headington staffers up to the Joule’s penthouse, ask them to tangle their limbs in a bed for an hour, and feed them pastries from Weekend Coffee before their shifts? The group did not disappoint. In this gallery, you’ll meet a country girl-turned-Commissary clerk who listens to jazz while ogling off-roaders, a plus-size model who’s completing a book of poetry about the body, an amateur dancer who rocks red lipstick and a buzzed head, clothing designers, a Tokyo-obsessed editor, and men who prove that fake bifocals, indoor sunglasses, and faux furs are nothing to be ashamed of. Take it all in.