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White Rock Alehouse & Brewery Celebrates the Lake and Good Beer

If you like beer and White Rock Lake, you'll be right at home at the new beer garden on the Santa Fe Trail.
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Wheel Cool: White Rock Alehouse’s patio backs up to the Santa Fe Trail. Bret Redman

The good people of Dallas love new bars. They also love beer. Things I should’ve taken into consideration when visiting White Rock Alehouse & Brewery on a Friday. Every table was full, so I told the hostess we’d take our chances at the bar.

The bar was also full, so we opted to stand around awkwardly. Waitresses carrying frothy beers and flatbread platters zoomed around us. When we saw a couple get their leftovers wrapped up, we stalked them like a pair of wolves. Then the guy unwrapped his food for another bite.

“Oh, come on!” my friend shouted.

Still awkwardly hovering, I glanced around the alehouse, which includes a soon-to-be-functional brewery. The place is spacious and themed around its namesake lake. There’s a map of White Rock on a wall, trail demarcations on the floor, and a canoe strung up over the bar.

There’s also a patio, which, on the chilly evening we visited, was vacant. A cold spot was better than none, so I headed outside. My friend refused to follow. Then he claimed (or possibly fought to the death for; I didn’t see) two spots at the bar.

Back inside, we opted for a beer flight, which included the Dankosaurus, Vanilla Porter, and Hazelnut Brown Nectar. The bartender pumped his fist when we asked him to choose a fourth beer for us. As he rushed away, I scanned my fellow patrons. Not surprisingly, there were many bearded men. A table nearby shared a Beeramisu dessert. Beside me, a couple argued about a play she’d “made” him see.

When the bartender brought us our flight, I’d already forgotten what we’d ordered. Fortunately, the huge overhead screens listed the 30-plus beers by number. They were all pretty tasty—especially the Brunch Money, the bartender’s choice.

Nearby, a couple ordered cocktails. My friend looked hopeful, so I told him we could do one more round. We weren’t quite ready to give up those hard-earned seats.