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Eat This Now!

Eat This Now: The Bologna Sandwich at Shoals Sound & Service

Decadent and delicious, the classic sandwich is reinvented with Texas flair at this new Deep Ellum spot.
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Co-owned by longtime barmen Michael Martensen and Omar Yeefoon, Shoals Sound & Service is a refreshing addition to Dallas’ nightlife scene. The cocktail list is straightforward, sticking to the classics. Likewise, the menu at this new Deep Ellum spot is small but stacked with well-executed standards. One standout is the bologna sandwich, a goopy and glistening mound of meat and cheese squished between a halved bolillo. It’s decadent and delicious: mortadella, three different cheeses (provolone, American, and mozzarella), Dijon mustard, mayonnaise-based sauce, and hot peppers. The half-pound version costs $10; a full pound is $18. Ask for a martini on the side.

Eat This Now

The team picks up this crusty Mexican white bread daily from Fiesta Mart.

Urueña uses shaved mortadella. “It’s a very popular forcemeat in Italy,” he says. “And in Argentina, it’s considered a poor, blue-collar-worker deli meat used for lunch—if it was payday!”

Italian pickled red peppers and jalapeños (for an added Texas flair) are combined with a pickled giardiniera blend.

Made from ají amarillo peppers, which hail from Peru, the sauce’s sweet aftertaste balances out the heat from the other peppers.