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Subscriber Spotlight: Jessica Burnham

The executive director of the Deep Ellum Foundation shares what she loves most about the city.
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Area of Residence


How long have you been in Dallas?

Since February 2008

What’s your favorite Dallas restaurant?

There are too many to count, but I’d say Oddfellows for breakfast, Uncle Uber’s for lunch, and HG Sply Co. for dinner!

Are you involved in any local charities?

I enjoy volunteering at the DMA Late Night events and really love the work that OurCalling is doing to help the homeless population in Dallas.

Tea: Sweet or Unsweet?


What’s your favorite Dallas landmark?

I love the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and the longhorn steer sculpture in Pioneer Plaza.

What’s one thing you would change about the city?

I wish Dallas used a more human-centered design approach to its processes to better reflect how people naturally interact with their city and their communities. I would love to see city planning be rooted in the problem-solving process rather than just the final solution.

Why do you subscribe to D Magazine?

D Magazine is a great resource that is invested in all parts of the city. They take the time to dig deep into the issues until they are resolved. Plus, it’s really nice to have it to delivered to my front door!

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