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Kristin Smith Is Moving Past Last Year’s Headlines

The stylist is trying to make real news with The Clad Life, her "all-inclusive brand for aesthetics."

For a couple of days in early November, Kristin Smith unwittingly became the subject of tabloid fodder when a gossip site revealed the details of a months-old incident at the Palm Beach International Airport. According to a police report, authorities questioned Smith when they found $200,000 cash in her bag—a gift from her boyfriend, she told them. Her rumored paramour: Tiger Woods.

What’s fact and what’s fiction, Smith won’t say. She squelched the media storm by keeping her lips sealed, and she’s not about to open them now. “I’m happy in my personal life; it’s really full,” she says. “But I think if I shared it, I’d be damned if I did, damned if I didn’t. I don’t want it to define me.” Understandable, considering her professional life is currently in bloom.

Smith moved to Dallas eight years ago when her now-ex was a Cowboy, and she started styling while her son was in preschool. Her work has since been seen on red carpets, in music videos, at White House Correspondents’ Dinners, and often on her longtime friend and client, Candice Romo.

Earlier this year, Smith brought on additional stylists and a hair and makeup artist, and she has plans to offer personal training services. It’s all part of The Clad Life, her one-stop shop for looking and feeling good. She wants it to be an “all-inclusive brand for aesthetics.” Smith also relaunched her website, where she and her team produce fashion-centric features on everything from music to travel.

Though the scope of her business is growing, Smith will continue working directly with clients, mostly busy professionals who don’t have the time to dig through clothing racks.

“A lot of my clients can be these serial online shoppers, and they just buy and buy and buy,” she says. “They are Net-a-Porter’s No. 1 clients. They have tons of stuff; they just don’t know what to do with it.” Closet re-org—now that’s a subject Smith is happy to chat about.