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Get Greek Treats At The Dallas Farmers Market

Greek Mama's Bites offers a taste of Greece.
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A glimpse of the deep-blue Aegean Sea catches your eye first. It’s a snapshot from one of Dimitrios Vallits and Glykereia Gourouna’s recent trips to their native Greece. Then you notice the logo and the name—Greek Mama’s Bites—and you’re yearning for olive oil and feta. It doesn’t go unrequited for long. At the couple’s stand at the Dallas Farmers Market, you can indeed find Greek treats made with a careful hand.

These are Gourouna’s grandmother’s recipes, and it’s little touches that set them apart. Start with baklava, baked crispy layers of handmade phyllo interspersed with walnuts and almonds. Unlike syrup-soaked Persian varieties, the layers are particularly toasty, flavored with a good dose of orange and cinnamon. Orange custard phyllo cigarettes are essentially a bite-size version of galaktoboureko, the classic Greek orange phyllo cake. The light custard filling—semolina, eggs, milk, orange juice, and butter—is wonderful, the whole yielding bite softened with simple syrup. There are also Greek cookies, hummus, handmade dolmas, and spanakopita (available in flaky turnovers or snaky coils). On a day when Gourouna and Vallits are both there, the pride in these mama’s bites is palpable.

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