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Subscriber Spotlight: Zita Charles

The data analyst shares what she loves most about the city.
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Area of Residence
Downtown/Deep Ellum

How long have you been in Dallas?
Two years

What’s your favorite Dallas restaurant?
Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck

Sweet or Unsweet?
Definitely 100 percent sweet!

What’s your favorite Dallas landmark?
The infamous green building, the tallest in Dallas. (And not just because I work for Bank of America Plaza). It is like my personal lighthouse, my “welcome home.” Whenever I’m driving or flying back into town, the sight of that tall, green beacon lets me know I’m almost home.

What’s one thing you would change about the city?
The roads. I know they are doing a lot of construction in the downtown area and building out a lot of highways and toll roads, but I am always shocked at the bad condition of some of the roads in a city as big as Dallas. And even with the additions to the highways, there always seem to be huge cracks and welds where the “old” road meets the “new” road. It doesn’t make for comfortable driving around the city.

Why do you subscribe to D Magazine?
D Magazine is always my source for everything Dallas. Being relatively new to the city, D always keeps me abreast of exciting events, food, businesses, and people around town. I have attended quite a few D Magazine-hosted events, and they are always an exciting social gathering.

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