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Bring This Smoked Salmon to Your Next Soirée

Pick up one at Cox Farms Market.
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When they married 15 years ago, Carla Jonisch-Adams’ husband told her she didn’t have to work if she didn’t want to. “What am I gonna do?” she asked him. “Sit around and eat bonbons?” A salmon lover who smokes a mean brisket and entertains frequently, Jonisch-Adams began putting salmon over the embers, too. She realized she had a hit on her hands when friends started asking her to be fairy godmother to their soirées. “If I buy a salmon,” they would ask, “will you smoke it?” Now she sells her sustainably farmed Atlantic salmon in convenient grab-and-go packages. The silky flesh is a perfect foil for mesquite smoke, the light kick of her dry rubs, and her tomato-cayenne and citrus varieties, the latter accented with rounds of orange. Each vacuum-sealed package also comes with crackers—just snip, reach for a pretty plate, and it’s a party. Grab-and-go available at Cox Farms Market ($7.99), entrée portion at In the Sack ($12), and whole fish directly at (prices vary).