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Drink This Now: Local Press + Brew’s Cold-Pressed Juices

With 16 varieties, these concoctions are worth the squeeze.

Conquer the winter blues with invigorating cold-pressed juices from LOCAL PRESS + BREW. The Oak Cliff juice bar and coffee shop offers 16 varieties of organic fruit, vegetable, and nut-laden elixirs, each with its own unique flavor profile and health benefits. The Kessler Park—a lively blend of celery, cucumber, grapefruit, kale, parsley, and pear—is a standout, as is The OC, a deep crimson concoction that includes beets, carrots, green apples, orange, and turmeric. The juice flight ($9) is an ideal way to taste a bit of everything the shop has to offer. Each comes with eight 1-ounce pours of juice; order two flights, and you can sample the full range of Local Press + Brew’s offerings.