The Smokers: The pitmasters were photographed between Justin Fourton’s two smoker pits at Pecan Lodge, Rick and Big Cat. Rick (above) was named after Justin’s father-in-law. Big Cat (left) was named in honor of Dallas chef Randall Copeland, who passed away three years ago.


The Real Pitmasters of Dallas

Meet some of the city's best smokers.

Travis Mayes

Meshack’s Bar-B-Que

Known in Garland simply as “The BBQ Man.” Learned how to cook from his mother. Wood of choice is pecan.

Carolina Maldonado

Lockhart Smokehouse

Started at Lockhart as a prep cook two and a half years ago. Worked her way up to pitmaster a year into the job. Uses aged post oak.

Matt Dallman

18th & Vine

Grew up in Kansas City. Self-taught,  he and wife Kimi catered barbecue for a decade before opening their joint in 2015.

Dwight Harvey

Off the Bone Barbeque

After retiring from a corporate job at Frito-Lay, he opened his joint in a converted gas station in 2008.

Clarence Cohens

Baby Back Shak

Self-proclaimed “King of Barbecue.” Mostly uses a combination of pecan, hickory, mesquite, and oak in his Southern Pride 3500 smoker. 

Justin Fourton

Pecan Lodge

Co-owns the top spot on our list with wife Diane. Learned how to use a smoker as a kid. Prefers mesquite and oak.

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