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Dallas’ 5 Craziest Eating Challenges

Check out the most gut-busting culinary trials served in the city.
Mount Hypnotic: a 20-scoop sundae!

El Jeffe Grande

Kenny’s Burger Joint

Fixings: Work your way through a 7-pound burger piled with the usual toppings—plus french fries, chili, a half-pound of bacon, white queso, and pickled jalapeños—within an hour.

Prize: Winners get the $50 burger for free, as well as a t-shirt, $100 gift card, and a picture on the wall of fame; losers walk away with a t-shirt and $15 gift card.

Record: Four victories and 207 fails in Frisco. Winners were “all young kids, less than 200 pounds. None of the big guys could do it,” says bartender Robert Mazey.

Tip: The Mini El Jeffe, a half-pound burger with all the El Jeffe ingredients, is available for $10.

Pho Challenge

Bistro B

Fixings: Slurp an entire 5-gallon “big bowl,” which includes six pounds of noodles and two pounds of meat, in less than 90 minutes.

Prize: The $23 meal is free, plus
winners get a $200 gift card and their picture on the wall of fame.

Record: Since introducing the challenge four years ago, only two have seen the bottom of the bowl.

Warning: Most competitors throw in the towel within 20 minutes.

30/40 Challenge

Serious Pizza

Fixings: Finish off a 30-inch, one-topping pizza and wash it down with a 40-ounce beer (water or soda available for those under 21) within an hour.

Prize: “Food paid for [$40 value], gift certificate, shirt, koozie, merch. It just depends. We’ve had this challenge for five years and no one has won, so who knows?” says general manager Darius Harper.

Record: Zip. Many have attempted; all have failed.

Warning: “Some people don’t understand what they are getting themselves into, and I think it’s funny, because I do,” Harper says.

Wonder Joint Challenge

Taco Joint

Fixings: Consume a 4-pound breakfast burrito made with three 14-inch flour tortillas, eggs, potatoes, chorizo, bacon, and sausage—all in 30 minutes or less.

Prize: Free t-shirt and picture on the wall of fame. But even if you win, you still have to shell out $19 for the burrito.

Record: There have been about 40 attempts but only seven victories at the Mockingbird location.

Fact: One winner finished with 17 minutes to spare. The most recent winners: a pair of young Aussies on a quest to conquer America’s greatest food challenges.

Mount Hypnotic

Hypnotic Emporium

Fixings: Risk brain freeze by scarfing one scoop each of the shop’s current 20 flavors topped with whipped cream, hot fudge, caramel, marshmallow fluff, Sixlets candy, peanuts, two Charleston Chew chocolate bars, and a plain doughnut within 20 minutes.

Prize: Winners get the dessert for free and a picture taken; losers get a pat on the back and a $38 bill.

Record: Three people beat the original 30-minute challenge; only one has won since management lowered the time limit to 20 minutes.

Tip: Eat the candy bars before they freeze and leave the ice cream for last so you can simply drink the melted remains.

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