Eat This Now!

Eat This Now: Grilled Pork Tenderloin at Cedar Grove

The tender, minimally seasoned dish demonstrates old-fashioned common sense.

The inspiration for Cedar Grove’s seasoned pork tenderloin, says executive chef Taylor Kearney, is just good old-fashioned common sense. “The ingredients go hand in hand,” he says. “People are always trying to throw weird flavor combinations together, but all the elements in this dish go together.” He’s right. Tender, minimally seasoned pork melds with tangy apples, bacon, shallots, and cornbread purée for an entrée fit for fall.

  1. Pork
    Kearney uses Red Wattle hogs for his pork. While the supplier occasionally changes, it is always sourced from South Texas. The meat is slathered with butter, wrapped in plastic, and vacuum-sealed. The tenderloin is then cooked sous-vide in a water bath. Once removed from the bath, it is seasoned with salt and pepper and tossed on the grill and cooked to medium.
  2. Brussels Sprouts Hash
    “I wish I could say where to get Brussels sprouts locally,” Kearney says. “But you can’t get them here.” The sprouts are cut in half and blanched in salt water, while Smithfield pork bacon is chopped and cooked in a pan. Cubed Granny Smith apples and the Brussels sprouts are added to the bacon and sautéed. The hash is seasoned with salt, pepper, and vinegar.
  3. Cauliflower
    Sourced in Texas, the heads are broken down and seared in butter.
  4. Cornbread purée
    Day-old cornbread, house-made with paprika and brown butter, is cooked in milk and then puréed with cold butter.


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