Cold Case Files: The Campbell Children

What happened to Myrisha Faye and A.J. Jr.?

Myrisha Faye Campbell, 3, and her brother, A.J. Campbell Jr., 11 months old, went missing on September 6, 1958. Their half-brother, Phil Robertson, a Carrollton businessman, believes there is a chance Myrisha and A.J. Jr. are still alive.

Myrisha and A.J. Jr. lived with their mother, Jewel, in Goliad, Texas. Their estranged father, A.J. Campbell Sr., picked them up for a court-ordered visitation at 9 am. One of Campbell Sr.’s acquaintances, William Randle Jr., was with him. Three miles outside of town, Campbell Sr. dropped off Randle and drove on with the children. Half an hour later, Campbell Sr. came back and picked up Randle, said he’d gotten in a fight with his brother-in-law, and that he’d left the kids with a different relative. Randle noted that he seemed agitated when he asked if there was any blood on him.

The next day, Campbell Sr. implied on the phone to a pastor that he had killed his children and that he would kill himself. His body was found later with a bullet in his head. Police never found the bodies of the children.

A few years ago, according to the Dallas Morning News, Phil Robertson got a tip that a man with the name A.J. Campbell had been living in Arlington during the 1990s. His driver’s license had the same birth date as A.J. Campbell Jr., but Robertson has been unable to find out if this man is his half-brother.

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