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Restaurant Review: Goodfriend

This bar remains a bright light on the eastern side of White Rock.
By Bradford Pearson |

Five years ago, the stretch of earth between White Rock Lake and Garland was a wasteland. Okay, not an actual wasteland, with scorched shrubs and Viggo Mortensen pushing around a shopping cart. But it was definitely a bar wasteland. Then, in 2011, Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House opened, and all was right with the world. The burgers are pricey (most are $11, not counting the $3.50 add-on for fries) and occasionally overcooked, but the beer selection is where Goodfriend truly shines. If you want a Lone Star, get a Lone Star. If you’re more adventurous and want a Dale’s Pale Ale, get that. And if you’re fine being blindfolded and taken into a dark room (metaphorically, of course) where you have to drink fernet-aged porters, this is still your place. It’s just one reason why Goodfriend stands apart. A new menu includes bacon-wrapped chicken stuffed with jalapeños and cheddar cheese, and a lamb burger topped with tzatziki sauce. The staff is quick to ask your name, and remember it all night. It’s the rare neighborhood bar that actually understands what its neighborhood wants. It’s not a destination, and that is a compliment.