Double Under

8 Frosty Adult Beverages

Try a deep freeze on a hot summer day.

Oak Cliff Creeper


Oak Cliff Creeper

Bolsa’s rotating frozen cocktail changes with the season. This summer’s version is made with basil, cactus, green Chartreuse, and rum. This drink is truth in advertising. It’ll definitely creep up on you.

HG Sply Co.

Double Under 

Beet-infused organic tequila is the key to this bright-magenta concoction. Combined with fresh lime and rosemary syrup, it’s sweet and refreshing. The frozen version is only sold on the rooftop patio.

The People’s Last Stand

The Orange Julius 

The made-to-order take on the food-court staple is a mix of vanilla bean, cinnamon, orange, and pineapple-infused vodka mixed with orange juice, pineapple juice, cinnamon syrup, and vanilla syrup.

The Orange Julius

Pakpao Thai


A slushy mix of blue agave tequila infused with lemongrass and orange peel, combined with triple sec and homemade lemongrass sweet-and-sour mix. Pro tip: add a swirl of prickly pear liqueur and a Cointreau Noir float.

Urban Crust

Peach Bellini

This frozen take on the classic peach bellini is a frosty way to acquire a summer buzz. It’s the perfect companion to a slice or two of pizza, or great on its own.

The Rustic 

Sangrita with Sangria Popsicle
Frozen Margarita with Adult Popsicle

You have three choices: a sangarita made with raspberry schnapps and a sangria ice pop; a frozen strawberry daiquirita with strawberry purée and a strawberry daiquiri popsicle; or a mimosarita with triple sec and orange juice finished off with a mimosa orange popsicle.

Twilite Lounge

Frozen Irish Coffee

It tastes exactly like it sounds, except somehow more delicious. If you down three of these, like a certain magazine editor once did, you will be awake all night.

Double Wide

YooHoo Yeehaw

It looks like a milkshake, and it’s even garnished with a bright red maraschino cherry. But this chocolatey blend of vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, and Yoo-hoo is a recipe for a night you’ll soon forget. 

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