The Private Thoughts of the Dallas City Council

With so many new members, we take a peek into their minds.

Because of term limits, the Dallas City Council recently swore in a whopping six new representatives: Casey Thomas, II (District 3), Carolyn King Arnold (4), Tiffinni A. Young (7), Erik Wilson (8), Mark Clayton (9), and Adam McGough (10). Arnold and Clayton come in with the strongest mandate, since both avoided runoffs in their races, even with crowded fields. But they all are around the horseshoe now, and as a result, we have the most evenly split council in years, at least in terms of the Trinity toll road. There are a number of important matters this group will have to contend with—a crumbling infrastructure, I-345, keeping an eye on city manager A.C. Gonzalez, to name a few—but it’s probably best to see where everyone stands on the Trinity (and with each other) first. As near as we can tell. We can’t stop people from flip-flopping. 


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