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How Dallas Dresses: Anais and Graysha Assoun

The mother and daughter share a love of dressage and fashion.
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How Dallas Dresses: Anais and Graysha Assoun

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Mother-daughter duo Anais and Graysha Assoun can be difficult to get ahold of. On the day of our interview, 16-year-old Graysha was fresh off a photo shoot with her modeling agency, Wallflower Management, and starting the first day of her internship with Phillip Lim in New York. Anais, on the other hand, was spending time in Hawaii, where she was born. 

But their jet-setting lifestyle is nothing new—Anais lived in Maui, Los Angeles, and New York before moving to Europe, where Graysha was born. They spent Graysha’s formative years in London before moving to Dallas. Noticed for their chic appearances together about town, the pair credits their worldly background as an influence on their style.

“Graysha and I look very different, and there is also a style preference and age difference,” Anais says. “So while she will go more creative and crazy sometimes, I tend to look better in minimalist or classic styles.”

For her part, Graysha, a student at Booker T. Washington High School with a transatlantic accent, challenges the idea that one must suffer for beauty.

“I don’t really believe that,” Graysha says. “I think you can wear both beautiful and practical clothing and still be very stylish.”

Another influence on the duo’s style is their favorite pastime: the art of dressage.

“There is nothing like it, because you have to have this amazing bond with this huge animal,” Anais says. 

For Anais and Graysha, who are both vegan, the relationship with their horses is instinctive, respectful, and personal. That’s true of their styles, too. 

“I tend to dress the way I feel,” Anais says. “It’s not really all that thought out or studied. I like what I like, and I feel what I feel, and that’s what I will wear that day.”