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How Dallas Dresses: Leigh Anne Sinacola

She dresses Dallas’ most fashionable women, and she’s not so bad herself.
By Margaux Anbouba |
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How Dallas Dresses: Leigh Anne Sinacola

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Leigh Anne Sinacola, a stylist at Forty Five Ten, wears the same thing every day. It’s a gold necklace with three charms—an Italian horn, a cross, and an angel that represents her name. 

“I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, except for this necklace, which I never take off,” she says, wrapping the gold chain around her finger. “My entire family wears one. It’s supposed to bring you good luck and health.”

Aside from the necklace, which was a gift from her grandmother when she was born, the rest of Sinacola’s look is a little more flexible.

“My life isn’t about having a uniform,” she says. “I don’t think I have one particular style of dressing. My biggest pet peeve is when people say an outfit I am wearing doesn’t look like me.”

From vintage dresses unearthed from the crowded racks at Dolly Python to an edgy black leather Aero jacket and Saint Laurent pointed-toe pumps, Sinacola’s favorite pieces are those she feels make statements and take risks—things she wishes people in the Dallas fashion scene would do just a little more often. Still, she sees how the city has evolved. 

“The Dallas fashion scene is cool because what is in style is defined by the different areas,” Sinacola says. “You go to Highland Park and it’s very Chanel. You go to downtown and it’s more Acne and Rachel Comey. It’s becoming a good mix of everything.”

Although Sinacola was born in Frisco and attended SMU, she wasn’t always sure Dallas was the place for her. She almost left Texas twice—she tried life in New York City and had a false start for Los Angeles—but she realized that working at Brian Bolke’s fashion empire was where she wanted to be. Sinacola has been with the boutique for two years, and she’ll see it usher in a new age when Forty Five Ten moves downtown in 2015. 

“Dallas is the place to be for fashion right now,” she says. “The scene is growing with the city, and we have the potential to be very influential.”


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