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Medical Miracles

These amazing but true tales will blow your mind.
By D Magazine |
Best _doctors _dallas _2014_thumb

Meet the Top Physicians in the City

As chosen by their peers.

Medical _miracle _Ezell _Twins _conjoined _renard _thumb

The Twins Who Were Born as One

They gained a shot at life thanks to an army of medical professionals and a 10-hour surgery.

Medical _miracle _Ron _Kirk _thumb

Ron Kirk’s Brush With Death

A matter of inches spared the former Dallas mayor’s life.

Medical _miracle _annie _Altizer _thumb

The Soccer Player Who Couldn’t Walk

A McKinney teenager works to overcome transverse myelitis.

Medical _miracle _Makenzie _Wethington _thumb

The Girl Who Fell to Earth

A skydiving adventure became a nightmare for this teenager.

Medical _miracle _ofa _clark _quintuplets _thumb

The Woman Who Birthed 5 Babies in 4 Minutes

A high-risk pregnancy super-sized the Clark family.

Medical _miracle _sid _OBryant _thumb

The Bodybuilder Who Wants to Fix Our Brains

Dr. Sid O’Bryant is seeking to uncover the secrets of Alzheimer’s.

Hospice _terminal _patients _thumb (1)

Dying on Our Own Terms

No one will say it publicly, but it is. So why does it continue to haunt us?

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