At Sam Moon, Find Every Woman’s Dreams on Sale

The accessories retailer offers a chance to be whoever you want to be, at least temporarily.

There’s a place in North Dallas where perhaps the most optimistic people in town shop. For them, the promised land lies in a shopping center that’s home to stores you’ve never heard of with names like Made You Look Boutique, UPSCALE, and Gold N Diamond Wholesale. Those stores are mere distractions from the real star of the show—Sam Moon.  

The 27,732-square-foot purveyor of handbags and accessories is the true destination for shoppers looking to score something special for almost nothing. And while there are some men here wearing fedoras, pushing strollers, perusing piles of wallets or providing security, this is primarily a woman’s world. Females of all sizes, races, and creeds amass and rifle through a sea of well-organized handbags in every hue, hats of all types, flammable hairpieces, too many tiaras, and thousands of pieces of costume jewelry. Many women push shopping carts. Most wear flip-flops. Some can multitask, talking on the phone as they examine every bauble, bag, and barrette in the joint. Others need to focus, as evidenced by one serious lady who abruptly ends a call upon entering the warehouse with: “I’m gonna let you go so I can, you know, shop.”

The drumbeat of the flip-flops hitting the indoor-outdoor carpet squares underfoot is a nice accompaniment to Stevie Nicks’ “Landslide,” which plays overhead. Everyone here appears to be in a great mood—perhaps because there is nothing here that anyone really needs. But Sam Moon does provide women with a great opportunity: escape.

Want to try on a different persona for a very little investment? This is the place to do it. Want to pretend you’re a high-fashion lady about town? The Birkin-esque bag should do the trick. Looking to adopt a blingy Christian persona? Go to town with a rhinestone ichthus-clad bag, rhinestone cross-embossed wallet, and some sparkly Jesus jewels. Through that vast assortment of hats, hairpieces, and tiaras, you can pretty much be anyone from a blond beauty queen to a brunette in a beret. Sunglasses, key chains, phone cases, chains, chokers, earrings, and everything in between beckon. Nothing here is genuine, of course, but where else can you spend $4.99 and feel like a million bucks—if only for a minute or two?

There’s one persona that Sam Moon is going to prevent you from trying on, however—the lady who rocks rhinestones and then tries to return them. Signage warns: “All rhinestone items and evening bags are at final sale.”

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