A MODEL WORLD: Dallas was built in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s as a collection of suburban-like neighborhoods with a downtown. Uptown—dense and walkable by design—broke that mindset.

The Next Dallas Boom

Without I-345, Dallas could build a new Uptown. Why we should ignore the traffic engineers and tear that sucker down.

How to Build Another Uptown

People want to move to Dallas’ urban core. But Uptown and Downtown are full. To grow, the city needs to make a radical change. Here’s how.

How Highways Hurt Dallas

To grow the urban core, we need to rid ourselves of the conventional thinking that destroyed American cities.

What Other Cities Learned

Despite years of roadblocks and opposition, these five tore down highways and reaped the rewards.

Why We Must Tear Down I-345

People are clamoring to move to an urban neighborhood, but an elevated highway stands in their way.

Why We Should Bury I-30

Fifty years ago, we stabbed one of Dallas’ best neighborhoods in the heart with a highway. Now we can stitch it back together.

The Trinity Parkway Is Dead

No one will say it publicly, but it is. So why does it continue to haunt us?


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