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Other articles of interest in our May 2014 edition.

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Tweet Trap
Who needs radar detectors when police share exactly where they’re lurking
By Bradford Pearson

Now Open
From custom suits to a local designer’s first storefront, here’s the stylish intel on Dallas’ newest shops.
By Raya Ramsey

Cassie MacGregor’s Bishop Arts District
The pouplar milliner knows the most stylish shops south of the Trinity River
By Todd Johnson

Forget the gashion show, the real entertainment was in the crowd.
By Jeanne Prejean

First Class
What does a new play from a young artist need more than anything else? Someone like Lee Trull
By Liz Johnstone

A King in Exile
How can you be the Sultan of Sleaze when nothing’s shocking anymore? John Waters is trying to find out.
By Peter Simek