The Best Skin Care in Dallas

Here's how Dallas' top aestheticians compare.

Alexis Badami

Renée Rouleau

Joanna Czech

For 16 years, Badami has taken a natural approach to skin care. She examines her clients’ lifestyles, diet, stress levels, and even hormonal changes. Getting on Badami’s table isn’t easy—it’s by referral only—but once you’re there, you’re in skilled hands. Instead of selecting a generic facial from a menu, Badami will guide you to the most suitable therapies and charge you for the hour, not for specific treatments and never for add-ons. A 27-year industry veteran, Renée Rouleau doesn’t just want you to come in for a treatment; she wants you to pamper your face at home, too. The head of the local skin-care empire created a prolific product line that has attracted famous followers, including celebrities Susan Sarandon and Demi Lovato and Bag Snob’s Tina Craig. If you can’t make an appointment with her at her One Arts Plaza location, she offers consultations by phone and video chat, too. Nearly three decades of caring for faces have shaped Czech’s skin methodology: skin care should be approached with condition, season, and its natural abilities in mind. Czech customizes each facial and utilizes her arsenal of Vitamin C peels and LED therapies for visible results. Celebrity clients include Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, Kate Winslet, and Christy Turlington. Book her for an expert eyebrow shaping while she has your face in her hands.

“Microcurrent. It has so many benefits—lymphatic drainage, improved muscle tone, reduction of acne, and increased collagen and elastin.” “Our Bio-Brasion machine. It’s the next generation of microdermabrasion used on wet skin, and it offers real skin correction for reducing brown spots, acne, and managing clogged pores.” “Ultrasound water peel, a micro-exfoliator that can be used on the most sensitive areas.”
“I would rather splurge on a treatment.” “Renée Rouleau Advanced Resurfacing Serum ($82.50). It mimics the wrinkle-reducing results of prescription retinoids without the sensitivity.” “La Mer’s Concentrate ($375). It’s one of the most healing, soothing treatments on the market.”
“For skin care, Rhonda Allison. Products are potent, clean, and results-oriented.” s “I’ve been loving the By Terry Light-Expert Perfecting Foundation Brush. It makes my skin look really smooth.” “Babor Age Conceal Foundation. It’s oil-based, makes skin look dewy, and hides imperfections.”y
“I’m a huge fan of juicing, specifically green juice, as well as beets with turmeric and ginger. It makes the skin glow.” “Seal in moisture immediately after cleansing. After washing with a mild, sulfate-free cleanser, when skin is still damp, apply an alcohol-free toner, serum, and moisturizer for your skin type to keep it hydrated, healthy, and supple.” “Protect your skin during the day and have a nighttime regimen, which is very important and a major component of good skin. When you’re sleeping is when the skin is most open to absorb the benefits of product.”
“Don’t chase every skin-care trend and product. Do your research. This industry changes every week.” “Don’t neglect your neck. Apply a generous coat of sunscreen in the morning and use a treatment serum with retinol along with moisturizer in the evening.” “Don’t overtreat the skin with chemical or mechanical treatments, including exfoliation, lasers, peels, and microdermabrasion.”
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