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The Best Beer Patios in Dallas

You need a place to drink. Preferably a cold brew, outside, on a warm day.
By Tara Nieuwesteeg |
Photography by Kristi and Scot Redman

Katy Trail Ice House
Bright, crisp afternoons are begging to be spent on the patio of the Katy Trail Ice House. On a sunny Saturday, throw on some shades and wander over to this casual, Austin-style joint. The restaurant serves burgers and barbecue, and the 50-foot bar keeps the good times flowing with its impressive beer selection. Plus, there’s a great view. Watch as those suckers sweat it out on the trail while you ponder which of the 50 beers on tap to order next.

Truck Yard
At this funky Lower Greenville watering hole, decorated with rusted signs and scratched-up old clunkers and license plates and pickup-truck parts, you’ll also find a cocktail-vending tree-house bar (yes, really), various food trucks, and a window that sells ice cream. More importantly, you have the option to buy your draft beer—and you can choose from loads of local brews—by the pitcher. Before you know it, you’ll have lost an entire afternoon.


We’ve noticed that LUCK is a pretty busy place. Maybe that’s because nothing beats a nice night under the patio’s bright canopy of Christmas lights—and the afternoons are not bad, either. Or because the vibe is chilled out and friendly. Or maybe it’s because LUCK has 40 delicious beers on tap, all from within a 75-mile radius. Actually, it’s probably all of the above—and did we mention the food is good, too?

The Lot

You’re always telling your kids to go outside and get some fresh air. Follow your own advice and take a family field trip to The Lot. For you: 16 beers on tap (plenty of them local), a beautiful patio, and a delicious menu. For your beloved offspring: a generous children’s menu and an outdoor play area that will inspire them to get that precious fresh air and exercise you’ve been harping about—while you sip a cold one from the shade, of course.

Ten Bells Tavern
When the night is clear and the moon is bright, the patio at Ten Bells is the perfect place to crack a brew and hang out until closing time. Enjoy a great beer selection, surprisingly tasty bar fare (we recommend the cured salmon bruschetta, with goat cheese and fig jam), and picnic tables that are so big they seem straight out of a medieval dining hall. If you linger long enough, you might even make friends with one of the roving Oak Cliff cats. 

Flying Saucer
Flying Saucer Draught Emporium landed in Garland with a mission: convert run-of-the-mill brew-sippers into full-fledged craft-beer aficionados. Its arsenal includes 200 stouts, ales, ciders, Pilsners, and porters, brewed everywhere from Belgium to Deep Ellum. Its secret weapon, though, is its breezy patio. Set on the bank of Lake Ray Hubbard, it’s a lovely, scenic spot to savor a brew or two. You’ll be a convert in no time.

The Rustic
The Rustic is part-owned by country singer Pat Green and populated by his fans—and, judging by the crowds, half of Dallas. On a typical weekend night, the place seems like it’s swarming with a million people. Despite that, Pat’s Backyard patio is a fun place to knock back some local brews, kick back to live tunes, and marinate in Texas pride. It’s even a bit reminiscent of the old Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, where Willie Nelson used to drink.


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