Nelson the Goldendoodle rides in style. Billy Surface


The Most Adorable Dog in Dallas

Nelson the Goldendoodle is hands down the cutest thing you've ever seen.

A quick story: a woman we know was running errands with her husband one day not long ago, driving here and there, when their conversation took a turn for the depressing. They were talking about the news of the day, maybe Ebola, maybe something else, and seemed locked in a downward spiral. Just then, they saw a dog riding in the sidecar of a Vespa and, because it wasn’t just any dog, both blurted out at the same time: “Oh, my God! Nelson the goldendoodle!” Maybe you’ve seen Nelson, too, riding around town in that Vespa sidecar, wearing his Doggles (seriously, there is protective eyewear specifically for dogs). He’s been doing it since not long after his owners, James Butler and Genesis Lee, adopted him as a pup in April 2013. Their excursions led to a popular Instagram account (@nelsonthegoldendoodle) that has almost 7,000 followers, which led to a Buzzfeed post that, as they say in the business, went viral. So Nelson is probably the most famous goldendoodle around. And we celebrate him for that. But we also have two words for him: “Air” and “Bud.”


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