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The Best Specialty Grocers in Dallas

Local markets for all your gourmet needs.

Green Grocer
Get ready-made foods, like kale salad and smoothies, to go, or stay and shop the aisles for quality brands. A good number of them are local. And the service can’t be beat. 

Ruibal’s Rosemeade Market 
For a one-stop plant and grocery shop, Ruibal’s is where you go for low-temperature pasteurized milk from Mill-King Market & Creamery in McGregor, Texas, and 100 percent cruelty-free, pasture-raised eggs from Alfresco Farms. The baking section and chocolate and nut samples are another draw as well. 

Bolsa Mercado
Don’t leave this half-grocery, half-deli without picking up a few kolaches, a milk chocolate Oh Brownie by Iris McCallister, and maybe even a $22 daily dinner for two.

On Fridays, there’s nothing better than getting Eatzi’s $10 pies from 4 to 9 pm. Except, maybe, the red-dot discounts after 9 pm, chef-crafted meals to go, build-your-own sandwich bar, and house-made croissants from the bakery section.