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The Best Frozen Treats in Dallas

You won't find these flavors in a carton of Blue Bell.
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Carnival Barker's Aaron Barker and Sarah Miller.

Carnival Barker’s Ice Cream
Anyone who hasn’t found happiness with Carnival Barker’s Rice Krispy Treat ice cream sandwich is probably lactose intolerant. This ice cream shack serves up frozen bananas, floats, and ice cream made in-house (i.e. coffee crunch, strawberry, Dreamsicle).  

Savoy Sorbet  
For an icy treat to ward off the unbearable Texas heat, there’s always Savoy Sorbet, which uses purified water, garden-fresh herbs, spices, flowers, and fruit. The cinnamon apple brandy is an easy favorite. Available at all Central Market locations. 

Pop Star Handcrafted Popsicles
Bite, lick, do whatever you want to any of Pop Star’s chocolate peppermint, strawberry lemonade, and coconut lime pops. These kid-friendly desserts are made with organic sugar. Available at Green Grocer

Agha Juice
Each of Kareem Vaillian’s house-made kulfis (Indian ice cream) is 10 inches of glorious milk, butter, and sugar churned together. Do yourself a favor and order the nutty and creamy khoya malai flavor. 


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