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The Best Butchers in Dallas

Where to get your meat fix.
Photography by Billy Surface

David’s Meat Market
Pat and David Harris opened their first meat market in 1979 and have been selling Prime corn-fed Iowa beef, sausages, and pork cutlets at their Garland location since 1982. David’s is the place to go for large, custom-cut orders such as the Beef Split Hindquarter package, which includes 58 pounds of meat (round, t-bone, and sirloin steaks, combined with sirloin tip, pike peak roast, rump roast, and ground beef) for only $400. 

La Michoacana Meat Market 
The Houston-based La Michoacana Meat Market started as a meat market for the Hispanic community. It has grown into a full-service grocery store, but the carnicería is still one of the most diverse in the city. Unlike the cuts of American markets, the cuts here are generally thinner and butchered for marinating or slow cooking. There’s always a wide range of seasoned fajita meats, flanks for braising or stewing, organ meat, hoofs, tongue, stomach, and tail.  

Rudolph’s Market & Sausage Factory 
A trip to Rudolph’s is a lesson in Dallas history. The market was opened by Martin Rudolph in 1895; was operated by Cyrill “Sid” Pokladnik, a former employee who purchased the business in 1947; and is now operated by Justine Andreason and her sons. They offer splendid dry-aged Prime and choice meat cut to your specifications, and fresh poultry, smoked turkeys and meats, and lamb roasts. Sausages? Handmade German, Italian, Czech, Polish, and Italian style, fresh or smoked. 

Hirsch’s Meats
The friendly and knowledgeable staff at this Plano market will sometimes grind beef or cut steaks to order. They carry both USDA Prime and choice beef, Grade A Iowa tenderloins, baby back ribs, thick chops, and ground pork. You can find veal for scaloppini and veal shanks for osso bucco. Backyard grillmasters will be thrilled to discover exotic smoking woods such as sassafrass, pear, and alder, along with pecan and hickory. 

Local Yocal
The farm-to-fork spirit is alive and well at Local Yocal. The grass-fed beef is even raised by the owners. As the name implies, all of the beef, chicken, and pork is sourced locally and includes Genesis Beef, Sloans Creek Heritage Meats (pork, lamb, and goat), and Prime, all-natural Wagyu beef from Kruse Farms & Melissa Feeders. Local Yocal also offers farm-fresh eggs and a lovely selection of regionally produced artisanal food products. 

Matador Meat & Wine
Colleen and Matt Peterson have put together a beautiful market that offers custom-cut meats and the wines meant to drink with them. This is where you’ll find a beautiful Prime rib roast up to seven bones thick and quality brisket ready for your smoker. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to ask. They do special cuts such as Brazilian picanha and flat iron steaks.