Sply Co. co-owner Elias Pope Photography by Kevin Marple

Restaurant Review: HG Sply Co.

Satisfy your inner caveman's appetite on Lower Greenville.

I have a friend whose food consumption is ruled by the Paleo Diet. He eats a lot of fish, grass-fed meats, some vegetables, and nuts but avoids grain products, potatoes, processed oils, and dairy. I jokingly refer to it as the “caveman diet,” because it’s based on eating the wild plants and animals that roamed the earth millions of years ago, untouched by growth hormones or caged by fences. He was so happy the day I banged him over the head with a bat and dragged him by what is left of his hair to HG Sply Co., where the menu is inspired by the same back-to-basics food. The restaurant was packed, mostly with really fit folks in expensive workout attire. But you don’t have to be on any diet to enjoy a great meal here. The locally sourced food is simply prepared and fresh. I devoured a juicy half-pound burger made with a blend of grass-fed and wagyu meat between two fresh buns (yes, they have bread, cheese, and a full bar for real people) slathered with bacon jam. My Paleo pal ordered a create-your-own bowl that allows you to choose a base, such as quinoa, chickpeas, or cauliflower; a meat, such as tuna, steak, or duck confit; and an on-top, such as broccoli, wild mushrooms, or guacamole. The patio in the back is charming and a great place to relax and contemplate how cavemen gathered cilantro for their guacamole.

For more information about HG Sply Co., visit our online restaurant guide.

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